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Selecting Your FIRST Vaping Device! Kicking Butts!

By September 23, 2017Where Can I Buy Vape

So you made the decision you wanna kick the butts and you heard this vaping thing is working for allot of people you thought you’d give it a shot. Well stay tuned I’m gonna help you out picking the right device.

Hey folks welcome back to kicking butts my name is John and today we’re talking about your FIRST vaping device. You’ve probably looked around and seen all these kids with these big boxes blasting these huge clouds and your thinking

“my god I just wanna get off the cigarettes, I don’t need all that” Well you don’t and that’s what we’re gonna talk about.

The main goal here is to get you away from cigarettes and find you something that’s gonna satisfy those urges you’re gonna have to smoke.

Depending on where you go the folks in the vape shops are gonna tell you allot of different things. Now it has to be said that I’ve been to literally over a hundred vape shops and they all have one goal in mind which is to help you make the transition to vaping but how they get you there can vary quite a bit.

Well lets go through these and I’ll let you know what each device does so you’re a little more familiar with them and you can formulate your own idea of what you might wanna start with.

Let’s start with this, it’s just one step up from one of those piece of crap convenience store disposable ecigs. This type of device is pretty cheap, around depending on where you get it. It has a very small refillable tank and it uses small coil heads in the device that you will replace when the one you’re using wears out. This is a device that you will plug it in to your computer through usb to charge it and the battery should last you a pretty good while.

To use this device it’s very simple, 5 clicks of the button turns it on and you just push the button and go….

Next is moving up to a device like this which is an eGo one by Joyetech. This device is this one on steroids and it offers you some options that this one doesn’t. First there’s a much larger battery so you’ll have more power which will deliver more vapor and just provide you with a better overall experience.

This device has a significantly larger tank then the other one, about 2.5 mils of juice which for most new vapers should last you a good while and it also has adjustable airflow. This is important because you’re starting to get into being able to fine tune the vape experience to your liking.

This device also utilizes could heads which you’ll need to change every week to 3 weeks depending on how much you vape. The coils heads in this device also come in a few different variations which again allows you more adjustability to get the vape just the way you want it and just like the pen you’ll plug this device into a usb port on your computer or you can plug it into the wall to charge the battery.

You can usually find this device available for anywhere from to depending on where you buy it.

The operation of this is the same as the pen, 5 clicks turns it on and you push the button and go…..

Now lets take one more step up and move into the first device in the category of “Box Mod”. This device is a huge step up from the ego one, it’s the Evic VTC mini also by Joyetech. Stepping up to this device gets you a bunch of things you wont have on the ego one. First thing is much more power and with this device you can adjust the power be either adjusting the wattage that the device is firing at or you can use it in temperature control mode.

Temp mode is a fool proof way of really fine tuning the vape experience to exactly the way you like it. The tank is a little larger also at about 4 mils. Just like the ego one you have adjustable airflow and the replaceable coil heads but one of the biggest differences with this device is you have the much larger battery, more power and the battery is removable so you can charge one battery while using another one. (you never have to deal with battery anxiety)

Oh yeah and this one is gonna cost you about – bucks depending on where you buy it plus you’ll need to get a battery for it but shop around cause some places offer a free battery when you buy a starter kit.

With this video being meant for the new vapor I’m not gonna get into anything bigger then these 3 devices we’ve talked about so far but the bottom line is as you move up with devices you get more power and more flexibility in the vapor production and airflow but you’re still trying to figure out if this vaping thing is right for you so one of these 3 devices is gonna be perfect.

Oh and I guess it’s worth mentioning that this was my first device, this device right here is what got me off of tobacco and into vaping.

Thank you all so much for watching this video and HEY, do you wanna know what it feels like to save a life, well convince your friends and love ones to kick the butts and start vaping and you’ll know exactly what it feels like. See you next time…..