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E Cigarette UK – My real views about the best E Cigarette UK

E Cigarette UK (Please read my view below 🙂

If you are looking for some helpful and insightful information on my experience with electric cigarettes companies in the UK this is the video for you. I have been using them for over 3 years and I have tried probably all the major companies and they all have great features and this is my honest rant about some of the things I find wrong with them.

The reason I have uploaded this video is because I am very frustrated with all of the E CigaretteUK companies making out that their batteries and flavours are superior to others.

This is not the case! I have tried nearly all of them and they are ALL roughly the same. I have chosen to upload Ciggys video because they are the best I have tried. No not the batteries blah blah blah but they have FREE and yes I mean FREE delivery on everything on their website. This includes filters, batteries, and their E Cigarette UK starter kit. Plus they do have flavours other do not Watermelon, Fruitmix etc 🙂

Why do I think Ciggys Electronic Cigarettes is the best “E Cigarette UK” company?

Why would I think this is so important? Well all the other companies I have tried including Skycig, Gamucii, E-lites, Nicolites and the like ALL charge for delivery and it is up to £4.00 a time which is ridiculous and a complete rip off. I would buy 1 pack of filters a week and it would cost me £16 a month just to get them, thats nearly £200 over the year!

I know for a fact it does not cost that much to send 1 pack of e cigarette refills, and do not get me started on if you have to get a replacement 🙁 These E Cigarette UK companies also charge YOU if there is something wrong and needs to be posted back to them which is unacceptable!

It is their product that is at fault and they should pay the cost to replace them, and what do you think they do while you send them back to them at your cost and they do a test for two weeks while you wait, do you think they send out a replacement? NO you are left without a battery, or filters unless you buy more. This is not good enough when you are trying to give up smoking!

Rant over! I have been very happy with Ciggys and I will continue to be very happy with their products they are the best E Cigarette UK company I have used, I hope you have enjoyed reading my rant lol, I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about my experience with E Cigarette UK companies and the reason I chose to post this video for the best E Cigarette UK.


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