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The Electronic Cigarette – the Future of Smokers

what electronic cigarette is the best

All the smokers are aware of the negative side-effects cigarettes have on their body, but still continue with this bad addiction because of the lack of alternative. Statistically more than half of the smokers would like to quit but don’t know how to do it.

These days it’s a lot easier to quit smoking because the electronic cigarette was invented. And be sure this item is in trends. Slowly the classic cigarettes or cigars are being replaced by this wonder invention called electronic cigarette.

The electronic cigarette works on a simple principle. It is composed out of a microcomputer, a battery, an atomizer and a filter. The battery is activated through the microcomputer while inhaling and the microcomputer turns the atomizer on, which vaporizes the solution of nicotine in the filter. One cartridge will last about as much as two packages of regular cigarettes last, at medium smoking. When it’s time to change the filter, the vapor lenses will indicate so.

The electronic cigarette is not toxic, which makes it even better. The vapor is composed out of water, trace amount of nicotine and propylene glycol, which is an element found in foods also. The filter of the electronic cigarette will offer smokers the possibility to choose the preferred level of nicotine, from 0 to 8 milligrams. By decreasing the level of nicotine inhaled, gradually, eventually you will be able to quit smoking for good; if that’s what you really want.

Also if you used to smoke mint flavored cigarettes, you should know that the electronic cigarette also comes in menthol, besides regular U.S. Brand.

The battery lasts normally one day but the electronic cigarette will come in a kit along two rechargeable batteries and a charger.

Probably the best feature of the electronic cigarette is the fact that it can be smoked anywhere since it’s not harmful. Better yet, the smoke exhaled is in fact not smoke, but vapor, water-based vapor which will not activate the fire alarms.

The electronic cigarette is definitely the future in smoking. Since this addiction is no longer trendy and smokers are forbidden to smoke in more and more public places, the electronic cigarette is the best alternative since it’s not toxic and can be smoked anywhere. It is also a good replacement for those who are nicotine addicted but also addicted to the gesture.

In only two decades, the cool image of smoking has turned into ashes. Face it, smoking is not fun anymore, it’s just an addiction you can’t get rid of. Smokers have less and less rights and the interest for the quality of life has led the authorities to forbid smoking in public places and write on the packages the well-known-by-smokers “SMOKING KILLS”, which can be depressing even for heavy smokers.

So replace the rush-smoking, the smoking in small, unfriendly, caged-like places, comfortless out in the cold, with the trendy, harmless electronic cigarette! It won’t kill you, it will diminish the risk of cancers, it won’t prematurely age your skin and you won’t get yellow teeth. Smokeless!

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