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What is a vaporizer – your ultimate guide to everything about these products

By October 18, 2016Weed Vaporizers
Weed Vaporizers

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term vaporizer is the humidifying device that was used by your dad when you were a kid to keep you safe from cold and similar other conditions. Or, simply for therapeutic purposes!

However, smokers of marijuana have found another way to use the vaporizers. They use it to smoke weed and get high.

If you are wondering how does a vaporizer work then here is a brief overview that explains the same –

* Heat up the herbs without burring them to get a clear high.
* It doesn’t involve the burning of herbs.
* Induction heating element is used to start a convection current that passes heat to the weed.
* These are either AC powered or battery operated.

The benefits and ease of usage have made it quite a popular choice amongst weed lovers. In fact at a commercial scale you can find numerous weed vaporizes available in the market. Here is a sneak peek at some of the top vaporizers that you can expect to get in the market –

* Indica – known for its discreet and portable size, these vaporizers gives the look and feel similar to that of a zippo lighter. The best part is that you can get to know how many pulls are left in it courtesy of an LED light indicator present in it.

* Plenty – one of the most highly rated products in the industry, plenty gives yoou an insane look. Powerful, robust, are some of the common synonyms that are used to describe this vaporizer. In fact, all this with minimal sound is what makes it so good. If you are looking for clean vapor and amazing high results, then plenty is the vaporizer for you.

* Atmos – different from others as it uses a high grade ceramic chamber where marijuana is vaporized at extremely high temperatures, it is popular simply because it doesn’t let marijuana produce any funny tastes, making even smoking experience.

With a little search on the internet, you can find quite a number of other options available in the market as well when it comes to vaporizers to smoke marijuana.

That’s about it from my end.

I guess the above information is more than sufficient to explain everything that you needed to know about vaporizers and how they have evolved from being just a device used for therapeutic purposes to something more exotic and fun.