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Vaporizers: A Great Alternative to Smoking

By December 21, 2016Weed Vaporizers
Weed Vaporizers

If you’re a medical marijuana patient who’s been smoking weed for years, why do you need to switch to a vaporizer? Simply put it’s best for your health. Your lungs will be clearer and you’ll get the active components of marijuana faster. This makes vaporization a better alternative to smoking.

At first glance, you won’t notice how good a vaporizer is. Compared to a cigarette, it’s bulky, it costs more and you can’t hide it in your pocket. But the beauty of this device lies in the way it works. A vaporizer heats a substance to a certain temperature and releases the active ingredients without any burning. In the absence of combustion, no harmful chemicals are present in the mist or vapor. In fact, no smoke is visible at all.

This means you can use the herb again and again if necessary. Obviously, the used herb isn’t as strong as the new one but you can still reuse it. Since vaporization doesn’t burn the herb, you can reuse it when you cook meals for a different feel.

Compared to smoking, vaporization does’t produce any irritating, toxic or carcinogenic byproducts. Heating is done in a controlled manner so you get the active compounds without wasting the plant. The vapor is pure and contains virtually zero particulate matter and significantly lower concentrations of noxious gases like carbon monoxide.

Because of these benefits, you get healthier lungs without the risk of cancer and other respiratory diseases. In addition, your lungs are less prone to damage since vaporization is cooler than the burning sensation of cigarette smoking. Finally, you get what you need since the inhaled vapor acts quickly and you won’t waste any herb by burning. In short you save money. Indeed, vaporizers offer the best way to extract and inhale the essence of herbs.

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