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Try Using a Vaporizer to Quit Smoking

By January 11, 2017Weed Vaporizers
Weed Vaporizers

If you have ever attempted to quit the dreaded nicotine habit, you are aware of how difficult this can be. Today smokers are bombarded with television public service ads decrying the horrible smoker. There are fewer places where a smoker is permitted to light up; smoking bans exist everywhere. Picture the hapless addicted masses grouping outside office towers getting a nicotine fix in pouring rain and driving snow.

Never mind the fact that second hand smoke is considered abusive behavior in some quarters and so a smoker really becomes a pariah if they light up ANYWHERE where others gather. The need to quit smoking has never been greater and those people who are still smoking are the ones who are severely addicted so it won’t be easy for them to cease the habit. That is why a new form of quitting is required. There is a way that hopelessly addicted smokers can at least make an attempt at quitting that has a decent chance of success.

Being able to keep your hands busy while ingesting the toxic elixir from a cigarette, well, for a smoker this is as good as it gets. The good news is there is now a way for a smoker to have this effect and do it without the harmful toxins associated with cigarette smoke. Vaporization is the new method for giving up the smoking habit and doing it without the withdrawal symptoms.

What makes vaporization such an effective tool in the battle to quit smoking is that a person still receives the nicotine hit from the tobacco but they aren’t receiving the many toxic byproducts of that smoke. Tar, hazardous carcinogens, there are more than 400 toxic substances found in cigarette smoke and all contribute to this unhealthy habit. Vaporization is a way to “clean” the smoke before it is inhaled by the smoker and second hand smoke is no longer a problem for others.

Vaporization of tobacco happens when hot air is passed through the tobacco mix and the smoker than inhales the resulting processed vapor that was created. The vaporizers come complete with heat controls so producing nicotine-based vapor is not a problem. The real benefit of vaporization is that there are no hazardous byproducts in the inhaled vapor.

The use of heated vaporizing for tobacco is not exactly inexpensive. There are also issues such as proper heat settings to contend with. In order to obtain the best vapor results it is essential to have the correct heat setting. You need to avoid “burning” the tobacco by heating it just too pre-combustion temperature. This will constitute optimal vaporization and product satisfaction.

As for the expense, when one considers the cost of other stop smoking methods such as hypnosis therapy sessions and various other quit programs, several hundred dollars for a decent vaporizer is well worth the investment. It is also a tool you can utilize in other healthful ways after you’ve kicked the dastardly weed.