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Smoking Your Medicine – Not Your Only Option

By December 20, 2016Weed Vaporizers
Weed Vaporizers

With any product we desire, we’re sure to find improvements over time. Smoking has long since been the preferred and most popular way for cannabis patients. And even though a recent clinical study revealed smoking cannabis to be an effective method to provide relief from chronic neuropathic pain and improve sleep, opponents cite the dangers of smoking to discount any medicinal value. Today there are many choices available for patients opposed to smoking their medicine.

Using a vaporizer to ingest cannabis is becoming more popular amongst many patients. Many physicians recommend vaporizers to cannabis patients to avoid the harmful effects of smoking. Vaporizers heat the dried flowers without combusting the plant material to create a vapor that can be easily inhaled. There are many models with various options and prices available to suit every budget. Many patients prefer vaporization and report enhanced effects for both duration and pain relief.

Everyone knows about marijuana brownies, but the edibles of today are simply amazing. Traditional bake goods like, brownies, cookies and cakes are readily available at your local dispensary where you’re also likely to find delicious candy bars, sodas, smoothies and ice cream. Not in the mood for sweets? Not a problem, how about a pizza or cook up your own dish using cannabutter or cannaoliveoil.

For patients that are unable to utilize edibles effectively, THC pills and capsules are now available at local dispensaries. THC infused tinctures taken sublingually or mixed with a soothing tea are gaining popularity with many elderly patients reluctant to smoking or vaporizing. Improved techniques for infusing cannabis into lotions and creams are providing relief for patients with chronic joint and muscle aches.

Cannabis patients have forever and a day been some of the most resourceful and ingenious individuals on the planet. There is no doubt a better, more improved vaporizer will become available. Just as there is no doubt new extraction methods and techniques will improve the THC content with new recipes for improved taste and flavor for our favorite edibles. Great news for the medical marijuana community, the best is yet to come!

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