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Useful Tips to Buy the Best Cannabis Seeds

By February 5, 2017Weed Plant Seeds For Sale
weed plant seeds for sale

There’s no denying in the fact that cannabis seeds are packed with essential nutrients. These controversial, yet healthy, beans are one of the most sort-after genetically engineered products in the market. These seeds are obtained from cannabis Sativa plant, which is the reason why these are called cannabis seeds. Considered one of the most nutritious foods grown in the wild, cannabis seeds are packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6, which are basically fatty acids, and a wide array of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, there are a plethora of on-line stores where you can buy cheap cannabis seeds.
The nutritional value of cannabis seeds is immense, considering the fact they contain 20 different types of amino acids, all essential for the human body. In addition, for those who have a weaker immune system, cannabis seeds can offer them great help as these beans contain high amounts of protein, which strengthens our immune system. Read on to find out some useful tips on buying the right cannabis seeds.

1. Strain- While selecting the right marijuana strain can be a topic of a heated debate; the choice will come down to your personal preference. A smart way to choose the right strain is looking for the ones that have won awards for quality such as the High Times Cannabis Cup. One pro tip: The Feminized Seeds are immensely popular these days, so make sure you keep an eye out for that.
2. THC potency- THC, short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a major psychoactive component found in the fully grown cannabis plant. Generally, your cannabis seeds won’t contain any actual THC, but every strain is specifically designed for producing a plant that will contain the required level of THC. If you are one of the lucky few to live in a place where growing marijuana is legal, you can even test it out.
3. Seed’s maturity- While it can be very difficult to find out the maturity levels of cannabis seeds; with a little examination and research, you can find the right marijuana beans. Moreover, premature cannabis seeds will normally have a gray or greenish luster and a softer shell. On the other hand, mature seeds will have a harder surface and will be full of water.
4. Delivery- One of the major and the most practical thing you should look out for when buying marijuana seeds, is how easily you can get it delivered. Furthermore, make sure you purchase the seeds from a place that offers faster and more discrete delivery.
5. Yield- One thing you might want to know about your seeds is its yield or in laymen terms, how much cannabis it can make if it was legal to grow. Generally, the yield is measured in grams and is worked out by the average yield founded by the breeder.
While these were some of the tips and tricks to buy cheap cannabis seed, there are many others, such as the type of marijuana, cost, and resistance to pests among others. Besides, if you are a Cannabis collector make sure to use the above-mentioned tips for making your quest to find the perfect cannabis seed a little bit easier.

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