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Weed Killers to Use Depending on Where the Garden Weeds Are

By July 17, 2017Weed Growing
weed growing

If your garden has been infested by garden weeds then you do not have to worry about their removal by rooting them or cutting them or trimming them. Garden weeds grow without prompting and therefore cutting, rooting and trimming cannot help them get reduced. Therefore it becomes important that you be aware of the type of weed killers that can be used to eliminate all the garden weeds that you can witness in your garden.

The weed killers can be categorized into various sections in accordance with the type of the structure. Let us take into the account the types of weed killers that there are which you can use to effectively remove the garden weeds. The two major categories are the selective weed killers and the non selective weed killers. The selective weed killers are those weed killers which attack the garden weeds only. They have been made out of chemicals that affect the garden weeds and cause no or minimal damage to the plants adjoining. They are called selective weed killers because they affect only a particular type of plant, the garden weeds in particular and any other variant of garden weeds which are an unnecessary growth in the soil and causing the nutrients of the soil being used to sustain these unwanted plants and garden weeds.

The second category of the non selective weed killers are meant to eradicate all forms of vegetation in the soil. The name non selective signifies that these weed killers do not just target the garden weeds but also any other plants that there are. How is the choice to use selective and non selective weed killers made to eliminate the grass weeds?

The first thing that matters the usage of the selective or the non selective weed killers is when and where the garden weeds are and to what extent the foliage has been affected.

The selective weed killers can be used in thick foliage and where the garden weeds and the plants both are close together and it is not possible to segregate and treat them. Therefore the usage of the selective weed killers means that all the plants including the garden weeds will be treated. However the plants other than the garden weeds will not get affected and it will be only the garden weeds in the end that will get affected. A classic case is the usage of the selective weed killers is on the garden weeds growing in the grass where individually treating the garden weeds and the grass is not possible. Therefore the usage of this weed killer and constant trimming using a lawn mower ensures that the garden weeds are eliminated in totality.

On the other hand the non selective weed killers are best used when you have an empty patch that you need to sow the seeds in. this is where when the soil or any remainder vegetation is treated with non selective weed killer, the whole patch is cleansed of any remnants of garden weeds.