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Interesting Facts About Weed Wackers

By July 7, 2017Weed Growing
weed growing

Lawn trimming can be easier with weed eaters or wackers automatic mower. This device can significantly help you prevent the sprouting of unfriendly weeds in your lawn. It comes in an extensive array of designs and sizes that can suit your own lifestyle.

A weed wacker or weed eater is a lawn trimmer that is composed of spinning nylon bristles. It was invented in 1972 by George C. Ballas, Sr. of Houston, Texas. Ballas got the idea of making lawn trimming easier and came up with the technique to protect trees, as well. Eventually, Emerson Electric bought his idea and started merging with Poulan. In 2006, Electrolux Company bought The Poulan Weed Eater.

When planning on purchasing weed eaters or wackers, you’ve got to think about many factors. Some factors you need to take into considerations are the condition and setting of your lawn. Is your lawn narrow and small? Then settle for weed eater/wacker with a low horse power. On the contrary, if your garden is large and contains numerous plants, you can settle for a device having a higher horse power. Furthermore, you have to take into account your budget, style, and ease of use. Try holding it to see if it’s comfortable to handle prior to purchasing one.

This product comes with an assortment of power sources and power ranges, along with sizes, designs, and prices. Weed Wacker tools are powered by electricity, gas, battery, or oil. Options for electric weed eaters are better than other tools of this kind because they are easy to start. Battery powered weed eater makes an ideal choice. However, you just have to be sure that you have spare batteries so that you will not be interrupted halfway through your trimming activities. You can also choose between nylon cord or plastic blade weed eaters.

Weeds are unwelcome plants that grow in the wrong place. Generally having stings and thorns, these plants are an annoyance and can be unattractive. They also tend to reduce the development of other good plants by exhausting the soil’s nutrients and obstructing sunlight. Fortunately, weeds can be easily controlled. The trouble brought about by weeds to the landholder or the gardener is drastically lessened by adopting various methods in controlling weeds in your lawn.

Here are some methods for controlling weeds:
Use of a Stirrup Hoe – Cultivate the ground once a week by means of using a stirrup hoe. It thwarts unwanted weed seedlings from growing.

Use of a Pitchfork – A pitchfork is a perfect tool in taking away a large amounts of the roots of long-rooted weeds.

Application of Vinegar or Boiling Water – It helps prevent weeds from maturing by pouring some boiling water or vinegar on weeds that are just beginning to grow in your sidewalk or driveway.

Mulch – Apply loads of mulch in soil where fresh weeds are developing. This will keep sunlight from reaching the soil thus hindering weeds growth.
Hand Picking – it is one of the best ways to control weeds from coming back. Make sure that you pull out all the roots to thwart them from going to seed and seeding themselves.

Replacement of the String
The most vital thing to maintain in your weed eater/wacker is the string. If the string gets low, remove the lower part of the head by pushing in and slightly turning the head counterclockwise. Cut a new string not shorter than 6 inches so that it will work properly. If the string is not properly placed through the guides, the head may pop during use. So carefully follow the instructions to ensure the right replacement of the string. You can also change the string without having any problem if you acquire a string replacement cartridge. Though it is more expensive, yet it saves you time and nuisance in having to re-string your weed eater.

Electric Weed Eaters/ wacker
This is a good choice for folks who don’t have much time in weeding. It is electric corded and best for small yards. This product is easy to operate and does not require much time for maintenance.

Here are two of the popular electric weed eaters:
Troy-Bilt TB45E
* Power-driven by 4.5 amperes
* Weighs 8 pounds
* Curved-shaft
* Two years warranty
* Best electric weed eaters for edging your lawn

Poulan 952711866 Weed Eater Electric Trimmer
* Motor: 4.5 amps
* 15 inches cutting path
* Line diameter: .065 inches/1.65 mm
* Can be changed from a trimmer to edger

Much more to come, they’re only half way through their life cycle.
I will make another photo video from week 11 to harvest when the time comes, but in the meantime I’ll keep posting weekly updates.

This video is for information purposes only, and intended for medical marijuana patients who live in a city, state or country where cultivating cannabis is legal. All information and content on this video is in compliance with the compassionate use act of 1996, and California’s proposition 215.

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