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Different Types of Weed Whacker

By June 4, 2017Weed Growing
weed growing

There are different types of weed whackers or weed eaters available in the market. Each weed whacker has its own features and advantages to solve your lawn’s weed problems.

It was in the year 1971 when George Ballas first invented the weed whacker via “improvisation” but these weed whackers became popular in the year 1977. Other names for weed whackers are “string trimmers” and “weed eaters”. Today, available weed whackers vary in size, shape and the type of weed trimming specialty.

The most popular and common types of weed whacker products are battery powered, gas powered and electric powered. Electric weed whackers are the most preferred type of weed eaters. This type of weed whacker is powered by electricity. This device requires a power outlet near the lawn or garden where you’ll be using your weed whacker. Electric weed whackers have the ability to work quietly which allows the user to work on their weed problems without disturbing their neighbors.

The Poulan 952711866 Weed Eater is an electric weed whacker. This device features a 15″ cutting path, 4.5 motor amps and a Tap N’ Go V line advance technology. Poulan weed whacker can function as a trimmer or edger using a push button adjuster.

Battery-powered weed whacker products are preferred by consumers due to its electric outlet free features. This device is also cord free which allows the user to reach all the areas with weed problems; plus, it gets the job done even through power interruptions.

The Black N’ Decker NST2018 is a weed whacker product that runs through 18-volts of power. It is a 6.5-pound easy-to-carry cordless weed eater. The cutting head of this device is designed to create vertical edgings. Users only need to secure spare batteries to cover large areas with weed problems.

Gas weed whacker devices are powered by gas and oil. This type of weed eater is highly durable and can surpass heavy duty weed problems. Gas operated weed whackers are the most reliable type of weed eaters as compared to other portable weed whacker devices. However, this equipment creates loud noises during operation which can become a problem in small cramped neighborhoods.

The Weed eater 20cc Gas Line Trimmer is a gas operated weed whacker manufactured by Sears. This product is very light and easy-to-carry. It is a cost-efficient machine equipped with Tap N Go IV line feed which runs quietly and smoothly. This machine features a 15″ cutting path powered by 20cc 2-cycle machine.

There are many things to consider when buying a weed whacker machine. It involves your budget, the type of weed problem and access to the machine’s power source.

Growing grass on your backyard makes your house more relaxing. It will be pleasant to hangout often in your backyard if you can maintain a good lawn, free from pests and kept clean always. Weeds and other pesticides compete with the soil’s nutrients that the grass should be receiving alone. You want to take out these unwanted elements to make the grass grow healthy and greener.

There are many types of weeding machines. It helps cut weeds more easily instead of doing it manually with garden scissors. Here are a few of the more common models and their descriptions.