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7 Easy Steps to Growing Marijuana Indoors

By June 2, 2017Weed Growing
weed growing

Are you tired of purchasing high-priced, unreliable weed or cannabis from your local dealers? Would you like to take the charge yourself? If yes, you have stumbled upon the perfect article for you. Through this you will come to know how to grow weed indoors.
Albeit it’s a long process, once completed, it is pretty fulfilling. For that you require some good seeds, seedling soil, pots and lamps. Growing marijuana becomes simple once you know the right tactics.
First get some proper fertilized soil, if possible peat moss. It works as a miracle soil. Then soak the seeds in a mug of water overnight. A lamp of 400 watt or else 600 watt will do. White soft bulbs should be avoided.
You will also need some adequate space for it to mature. A wooden wardrobe of roughly 100*100*250cm will do. You have to ensure that the lights fit inside the wardrobe.

The optimal temperature should be 27-30 C. At the top of the wardrobe, the lights should be mounted vertically. The left over light should be mounted on the wardrobe’s roof. Wire all of them into a plug securely.

The lights shouldn’t be switched off. Atleast 10-15 seeds should be sown. You have to water them once every day and nourish them twice every week with miracle grow goods available in the market.

Food having high amount of nitrogen should be good at the beginning i.e. during the somatic growth. Low nitrogen food can be used during flowering.

You can cut the plant once it reaches the height you desire. 60cm is the best choice that you can go for. A timer should be fixed for 12 hours of dim light and 12 hours of bright light. They have to be watered only once in two days then. This will stop the growth and show male and female features. Males have pollen balls and female have branches and stems.

The males should be cut before they discharge pollen. The whole process consumes approximately 4 months.

Lastly, you have to harvest when the leaves start getting yellow and begin to drop. They have to be cut, trimmed and dried for a week, after which your weed is ready to be sold.

Thus, how to grow cannabis has been solved in an easy way.

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