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Shatter Wax- One of the Best Concentrates

By June 18, 2017Wax Hash Oil
wax hash oil

One of the great aspects you can enjoy during your visit to Colorado is the wide array of concentrates such as shatter wax and oil. Most people know about consuming marijuana in the bud form, but there are many other forms of marijuana that can be really enjoyed.

Concentrates have the same goal of removing the plant matter and extracting the resin glands that contain the THC. The process used for the extraction of resin glands differs from one concentrate to the other. It mainly involves using a solvent which is a mixture of H2O, C2O, butane, alcohol, and many more. The prime aim of this solvent is to remove unwanted substances of the marijuana plant. Because they are made from marijuana so you have to take them seriously otherwise you will have to face many negative outcomes. Here are some of the concentrates:

* Wax/hash oil
* Cannabis
* Shatter wax
* Native Roots
* TerpX

What is Shatter Wax?

This wax concentrate entails a higher amount of THC and thus, it is considered as a powerful concentrate. Hence, it is recommended that you should not consume it without even knowing its psychoactive properties. In addition, preparing this concentrate is not a kitchen friendly and thereby, you should know the risks associated with it if you want to make it in home.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is an emerging method of consuming concentrates. Instead of using an open flame to smoke, dabbers use a torch to heat a “Nail” and just tap the concentrate against the hot nail for quick combustion while inhaling. As dispensary stocks fill up with potent, clean, efficient concentrate options specialists are beginning to claim preference for concentrates over smoking traditional flower/buds. With legalization gaining momentum; the process of dabbing is growing in correlation. Look, even Google states the same.

Best Concentrate for Dabbing

Shatter is an essential preference for many dabbers. The final product is thin semi-transparent sheets of concentrate that looks like glass. Top grade shatter wax generally has visible clarity and breaks or snaps easily. Shatter that is kept above regular room temperature becomes soft and sticky. Always keep your shatter refrigerated or frozen for optimum consistency.

What is it like to smoke it?

The shatter wax can be either consumed just like regular marijuana or vaporized with the help of a vape pen. Moreover, it is advisable to consume this concentrate in the form of vapors as vaporizing is much safer process as compared to smoking.