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Hookah Pipe – The Ancient Design

By October 13, 2016Water Pipe Sale
water pipe sale

The hookah pipe is actually a water pipe and they have four main parts to them. The base or chamber is what holds the water and it should be partially filled. The bowl or head of the hookah pipe is where the tobacco is placed. The heating device sits on top of the hookah pipe and the pipe itself connects the bowl and the base with a tube that goes into the water. The hose actually connects to another tube in the pipe that is for the air in the smoke chamber.

While the parts of the hookah pipe functions do not change, they do vary in decoration. For example, the heating device is most often charcoal, however, in places such as the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia, the heating device may be an electric heater. Another change to the design may include instead of two hoses, there may be three or more attached to a single chamber. These hoses may be permanently connected or ones that are detachable, depending upon the elaborateness of the design.

For many artists, the hookah pipe was another way to express themselves and show off their skills. The glass bottle was often made from a colored glass that was blown into a variety of shapes and then it was etched or painted. The hose may have been decorated with beadwork or even embroidery and the mouthpiece was often made from a precious amber or fine porcelain and if the hookah pipe was to be unique, it was often made with gems inserted into the design.

Finding Great Deals on Hookah Pipes

If you are interested in finding what it is like to smoke from a hookah pipe or are interested in adding to your collection, you are probably researching how to find great deals on hookah pipes. The fact is hookah pipes can be found in numerous locations around the world and you will simply want to begin looking for a good deal.

One of the most common ways to get them is to purchase hookahs online. You will find many hookahs for sale online and many for a relatively cheap price. Many collectors of the hookah pipe often find themselves searching in online auctions such as eBay for cheap hookahs. As the hookah pipe has become more popular in many cultures over the last several years, finding a hookah for sale is quite easy to do.

Another place that collectors of hookah pipes may want to search is antique shops and flea markets. In many such places, you will be able to find cheap hookahs and perhaps, some that are ornately decorated. The fact is many you will find are usable, so even the new hookah smoker should search in these areas.

Whether you are simply a collector of hookah pipes or a newbie to this popular past time, you’ll want to make sure you know where to find great deals on hookah pipes. Again, the simplest way to do this is to search online. Not only is it easy to do, it will give you access to hookah pipes all over the world.

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