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How To Use A Digital Vaporizer

By November 16, 2016Volcano Digital Vaporizer

Those individuals who use a vaporizer experience the benefit created by inhaling the natural elements in plants and herbs. By heating the plant material to the correct temperature, a vaporizer releases the active ingredients of the herb in a vapor form. The active ingredients of the plant matter are released in their purest form, and can then be inhaled.

No smoke is created when using a vaporizer, as the herbs are heated to a point just before combustion and are not burned. Vaporizing offers a healthy alternative to smoking, as there are no harmful carcinogens or toxins produced that can damage the lungs and respiratory system and cause cancer.

The digital vaporizer is a device that uses an electronic digital temperature control. These devices plug conveniently into an electric outlet, and require a power source of either 110 or 220 volts of electricity. Some models are also available that operate with a rechargeable battery.

The temperature can accurately be set to the exact degree required to evaporate the active ingredients of the plant being used. Each herb uses a different temperature level to vaporize, so the ability to set an exact temperature makes the vaporizer more efficient. The digital control on the vaporizer is easily adjusted, and enhances the vaporizing experience.

Herbs vaporize at temperature settings of low (up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit), medium (up to 350 degrees F) or high (up to 400 degrees F). The active ingredients of the most popular herbs vaporize between the settings of 338 and 372 degrees. Lower temperature settings create a light, misty vapor, while higher temperature settings create a denser and stronger vapor mist.

Digital vaporizers are very efficient, convenient, and easy to use. They can be used for aromatic benefits or for medicinal purposes. The user simply needs to set the temperature to the correct setting, turn it on and wait for a few minutes until it reaches the optimal heat. You then load the heating plate with the herbs, and wait for the aromatic mist to form. Once the vapor is created, it can be safely inhaled. A convectional fan is used in digital vaporizers to draw air over the herbs and create a healthy, vaporized mist.

The price of a digital vaporizer ranges from $ 140 to $ 680, depending on the manufacturer and the different options and features that are available. The best type of digital vaporizer depends on its intended use. Volcano vaporizers are “top of the line” and priced toward the higher end of the price range, and portable vaporizers are lower in price although they are also very effective.

Digital vaporizers come in a range of sizes and colors to match any decor, and some are even small enough to be carried in your pocket. The portable type is a great device for people on the go. These vaporizers can be used in cars, boats, offices, or at home and are light in weight so they are easily transported. Some models also come with an automatic shut off feature, so you don’t need to worry about burning the herbs if you leave the vaporizer unattended.
The real benefit of a digital vaporizer over other types is the ability to accurately control the temperature setting. Below are some popular herbs and the temperatures required for vaporization.