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Vivid Vapours – Cinnamon Apple review

By January 28, 2018Vivid E Cigarette

Our Cinnamon Apple e-liquid has a unique flavour that is enjoyed by many. For lovers of fruit who like a little bit of a kick, this is the perfect flavour.
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10ml 11mg vg/pg ratio unknown. kindly sent for review by the team at https://www.vividvapours.com
Vivid, suppliers of electronic cigarettes and eliquids, started in 2008 with one goal, to bring the Electronic Cigarette to centre stage in the UK. By early 2013 it was apparent that the goal had been achieved.

Nicocigs Ltd the parent company of Vivid Vapours was born in a small office with just one employee, in 2008. The E-cigarette market was yet to make a footprint, but even with the earliest technology, we knew the Electronic Cigarette had the potential to change the lives of millions.

Our Electronic Cigarettes and E-liquids are the most widely distributed and fasting selling in the entire market. Our team has expanded to over 100 employees, all eager and ambitious to continue to provide smokers with not only the best E-cigarette products, but a service to match.

Over the years our company has been at the forefront of new technological developments in the field of E-cigs and eliquids. Today we have a range of high quality products in a variety of different brands. The company now invests heavily in R&D, and is continuously working on improving the technology within the Electronic Cigarette space.

Vivid Vapours was predominantly born to unveil the Eliquid category to the world, but we didn’t just bottle up a load of E-liquids and begin selling them. The E-liquids that we sell, have been carefully developed over a period of 6-12 months, and each E-liquid has been through vigorous consumer testing, to ensure a unique vaping experience.

Electronic Cigarettes is something that we are extremely passionate about, and we hope this is demonstrated to each individual that uses any of our Vivid products.

We thoroughly enjoy what we do, and live and breathe the Electronic Cigarette world – this in our eyes is paramount to our success.

The Vivid Team

(Suppliers of electronic cigarettes and eliquids)
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