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Blu Cig Reviews From Real Users and Former Smokers

By November 1, 2016Vivid E Cigarette
vivid e cigarette

Thousands of people have discovered that it can extremely difficult to stop smoking. While most people realize that cigarette smoking is very dangerous to a person’s health and the health of those surrounding them, it is so difficult to stop that the need to smoke often outweighs the dangers of it. There are several alternatives to smoking, including patches and gum, but many people find that they do not help with cravings. A new device called Blu Cigs introduces smokers to an alternative to tobacco laden cigarettes. The Blu Cig has several interesting features and is the only e-cigarette that is 100% American made.

Many electric cigarettes can taste like chemicals or make it look like you are smoking a large tube. The Blu Cig is different in that it actually resembles an actual cigarette and comes equipped with a storage and charging box that closely resembles a cigarette box. The flavor cartridges in Blu Cig are made by the Johnson Creek company in Wisconsin. The liquid is nicotine infused and comes in several flavors: Apple Cider, Original, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Classic Tobacco and the Smoky Tennessee Cured.

The Blu Cig storage resembles an actual cigarette carton which is good for portability and style because many people are unable to tell that you are carrying anything other than an actual cigarette box. This package not only stores but also charges your cigarettes. The starter kit comes equipped with five cigarettes in your flavor choice, two Blu batteries, a wall charge, a USB charger and the Blu pack. The Blu Cig arrives to your door 40% charged so you can begin to enjoy your new cigarettes right away.

Blu Cig Reviews from real users and former smokers have stated that this product can help people wean themselves off of traditional cigarettes, enabling a healthier lifestyle. It can also save people hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars because Blu Cigs are not thrown away and do not have to be replaced. Each Blu cig cartridge is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes and it delivers better vapor consistency with each puff.

Switching from traditional cigarettes to an electronic cigarette has the very real possibility of being a life saver. Instead of inhaling harmful synthetic chemicals, Blu Cig offers a way to still feel like you are smoking but without inhaling all of the potentially deadly ingredients that may be contained in a regular pack of cigarettes.

Blu Cig is cheaper than traditional cigarettes and also tastes just like the real thing. The battery life on this product is also top-notch, ensuring that smokers will not run out of batteries while they are out and on the go. A social feature is also offered on Blu Cig, potentially notifying you if other Blu Cig users are within your area. If you are looking to quit smoking, considering giving this electronic cigarette a try. Many Blu Cig reviews state that this product is a viable alternative to using real cigarettes and that it has made a difference in their health and their lives.