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Blu Cig Review – The Advantages of Smoking Electronic Cigarette

By October 3, 2016Vivid E Cigarette
vivid e cigarette

Modern technology has given smokers all over the world an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. The Blu Cig Review introduces you to the brand of Blu electronic cigarette. This brand of ecig has come to stay and is quickly gaining acceptance by “smart smokers” across the country.

Here are some of the differences of electronic cigarettes (ecig) and the traditional cigarette.


The traditional cigarettes have long been associated with causing lung cancer, chronic cough and other illnesses. Conventional cigarettes are also known for turning the teeth yellow, causing bad breath, offensive odor, premature aging and so on. Second hand smoke from conventional cigarettes also affects non smokers too – this is why many laws are being made in order to help protect non smokers.

Blu Cig does not contain thousands of harmful chemicals like the conventional cigarettes and they come highly recommended by medical experts. The blu cig review also emphasizes the fact that electronic cigarette does not also contain harmful addictives such as carcinogens and tar.

Smoking in Public

There are many places where you will not be allowed to smoke because of non smoking laws that are gradually becoming very common. There are places where you will be immediately harassed if or when you light up for a quick puff. There are even offices where you have to work far away from the building before you can smoke – standing on your feet of course.

The Blu Cig can be smoked anytime and anywhere without anyone being any the wiser. With the electronic cigarette, smokers no longer have to stand outside of their office building in order to have a quick smoke.

Saving Money

Smoking conventional cigarettes can be a pretty expensive in comparison to smoking a Blu e-cig. Electronic cigarettes are re-usable which makes it a pretty good deal in the long run. You no longer have to worry about buying a lighter every now and then, or carrying an ash tray with you every time.

Protecting the Environment

Conventional cigarettes can be harmful to the environment, most smokers do not know this but many people who smoke feel that the cigarette smoke is so little that it cannot possibly harm the environment – well, think again. The smoke produced from conventional cigarettes from all over the world adds up and damages the environment over a period of time.

According to unbiased Blu Cig review, electronic cigarettes are not harmful to the environment. So if you are a smoker and want to help protect the environment, then you can start by smoking environmental friendly cigarettes like Blu cig.

Safety Concerns

Conventional cigarettes have been responsible for burning down whole buildings and homes but the electronic cigarette is way safer to smoke indoors than the conventional cigarettes.

With e-cigarettes, smokers no longer have worry about how bad their breath smell or whether their hair and clothes smell like smoke. Modern technology has made it possible for smokers and non smokers to stay in the same room without any problem.

Blu Cig is also available in the following flavors:
* Java Jolt
* Cherry Crush
* Magnificent Menthol
* Vivid Vanilla
*Classic Tobacco