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Vaporize all you want: how to fake it

By August 20, 2017Vaporizer Pot
vaporizer pot

Vaporizing is really fun. Even if most of the time you are high on the desired effects of the herb, you know you are having fun (but then again, that might be the fun part). It is inevitable that you have your own treasured moments while vaporizing. This might not be always because you have tasted the most unbelievable herbs – often times, you remember the embarrassing ones. Over the years you have been vaporizing, surely you have collected quite a few memories. These memories are experiences that you would like to remember, or these could be memories you would rather forget. It is fun remembering the mishaps you have undergone with vaporizers. While you castigate yourself for being stupid, other people wouldn’t see it as such

Crash a party
Well, you can always crash a party but in this instant, crash a rocking vaporizer party. You can always pretend in your mind that the host just forgot to invite you to the vaporizer party. Why wouldn’t the host invite you in the first place? Aren’t you the friend of his girlfriend’s friend’s cousin’s friend? (whatever that meant) Still it was not very nice of the friend forgetting your invite. Tsk tsk. Well, the friend just has to make it up to you by letting you vaporize with the best vaporizers and herbs around.

If you are terribly unlucky, the host of the vaporizer party can forget his or her manners and question your presence in the party. Use whatever bullet you have left in you. Smile and flirt, whatever the sex of the host maybe.

Surprise, surprise
Adding an element of surprise isn’t always good. But this time, that will be your balm. When caught off guard, people rarely act the way they are supposed to. So if you want to vaporize using your friend’s vaporizer, surprise him or her in the house. Better the friend has just woken up. The friend will be too groggy and eager to go back to bed. The friend will end up mumbling something that sounds like a yes. That way you won’t be feeling that guilty when you use the friend’s vaporizer. After all, the friend said yes.

Friends borrow
Yes, friends borrow things from one another right? So if all else fails, why don’t you borrow your friend’s vaporizer? Do not borrow money since this is a money free vaporizing trip. Of course, it helps if you soften the friend up first. Pay the friend compliments, do things (camouflaged as favors) to your friend – after all, you will be asking for a favor from the friend too. When you feel that the time is right, ask the dreaded question. After that much slaving, I mean, friendship, the friend wouldn’t have the heart to say no.

These are just a few fun ideas you can play around with your mind. You can take this to heart if you want. But well, the risk is definitely yours to take. There really is so much more to vaporizers than just inhaling vapor. There are moments to remember too.

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