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You Can Substitute An Electric Cigarette For Tobacco

By July 26, 2017Vapor

Finally cigarette smokers have an alternative product to use that can give them the same satisfaction as they get from tobacco, only this product does not have any tobacco. You might wonder what would be the point of switching from smoking tobacco to smoking something else, but the answer is simple, you do not really smoke using it. The term smoke when referring to tobacco means that you light the leaves of the tobacco and inhale them. That makes it carcinogenic because it does produce real smoke and the smoke contains tar.

The difference with the electric cigarette is that you never light and burn anything. There is a nicotine liquid inside the product’s cartridge and this substance is heated, The heating of the liquid will produce a vapor when the user inhales. When they exhale the vapor, it dissipates almost instantly. This means that the vapor is not carcinogenic and there is no tar. The tar produced when tobacco is burned and inhaled is one of the deadliest aspects of smoking tobacco. Secondhand smoke from the electronic cigarette is virtually non-existent because it disappears very quickly after being exhaled by the user.

A smoker might think that this all sounds great, but the real question for them is does it taste and feel like tobacco smoking? It absolutely does. The electric cigarette and the nicotine vapor you inhale taste extremely close to the tobacco flavor you are accustomed to and the sensation is as close as you can get to really smoking without really smoking. So many tobacco smokers have taken up using this product as a replacement for tobacco already. Some use the device along with tobacco cigarettes and others have chosen to use the electronic cigarette only.

The comparison of chemical content between the electric cigarette and smoking tobacco is really no comparison at all. Tobacco, as everyone by now knows, is simply loaded with thousands of chemicals, many of them being deadly substances like cyanide, formaldehyde, ammonia, and the list goes on and on. You will not find any of these substances in the nicotine liquid that is used with the e-cigarette. There are some chemicals used in the nicotine liquid, but the ones that are used are FDA approved substances and have been found safe by most researchers.

One more great factor about the e-cigarette is that is does not cost nearly as much to use this product as it does to buy tobacco. It actually cost about half as much for the average smoker. Even when you have to occasionally replace a battery stick or the atomizer that heats the nicotine liquid, in the long run you will still save plenty of money compared to tobacco use.

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