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Which Is The Best Machine For Chewing Gum Removal?

By March 10, 2017Vapor

Chewing gum removal should rank among the easier cleaning tasks. The job description itself is crisp and easy sounding. Melt or dissolve the chewing gum pieces and extract the dissolved pieces. In spite of all this, if you choose the wrong machine, everything else can go wrong. This article offers tips to choose the right kind of cleaning machines for removing chewing gum.

The best method to adopt is to find the specifications of cleaning machines that suit the chewing gum removal process the most. Ideally, the machine should have a very high output temperature. Sometimes, the gum residue will be very old and blackened. Such gum pieces might require high output temperature.

Two types of cleaning machines offer high output temperature. Steam cleaners offer an output temperature as high as 386°F, while some top brand steam pressure washers provide an output temperature up to 330°F for effective chewing gum removal.

Mode of working
That leaves us with steam cleaning machines and pressure washing equipment. Both these machines work differently. Vapor steamers clean using their high temperature output. On the other hand, pressure washing systems make use of their high output pressure to clean the surfaces.

Vapor steamer systems work by ejecting heated output onto the surfaces to be cleaned. The heated output melts the dirt and stains present on the surface. The removal of the molten dirt residues has to be done manually with a towel, brush, or with the help of a vacuum.

On the other hand, pressure cleaner machines work by pumping high pressure output on the surfaces. The output will blast away any dirt and impurities present on the surface.

For chewing gum removal, it appears that both models are suitable. The problem with pressure cleaners is that it may not wash away old and decayed gum wads even with very high output temperature. That leaves dry vapor steam cleaners with a slight advantage over pressure washing systems.

The process of removing chewing gum is often carried out in buildings and places where people, especially young people, gather often, such as shopping malls, stadiums, cinemas, and educational institutions.

The ideal gum remover machines not just have to clean effectively, but should allow the surfaces to dry up too. Vapor steam cleaning equipment with dry vapor output ensures that the surfaces dry up very quickly. The specialty of dry vapor output is that the liquid water content of the output is less than 5 percent.

Pressure cleaning systems just do not match up to vapor steam cleaners when it comes to the drying up of the surface. The best pressure cleaner models offer a low flow rate. But they still cannot perform chewing gum removal as well as portable steam cleaners with dry vapor output do.

When considering all these things, dry vapor systems emerge as the best gum remover machines and these are also beneficial for gum removal business. One problem that remains with these machines is the issue of extracting the gum residue. Portable steam cleaners equipped with attached vacuum solve this problem.

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