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What Is A Vaporizer And How Can It Be Used?

By July 23, 2017Vapor

Most of us are aware of humidifiers and dehumidifiers, both of which increase and decrease, respectively, the amount of humidity, or moisture, in the air. This is especially helpful during the dry, high static periods during the winter time and even helpful in preventing mold and water damage due to excessive amounts of moisture from occurring inside the home. Other such products exist to help make life just a little bit easier or pleasurable, including devices that emit a fragrance from a mixture of natural, organic plants.

There is a device that is available that works very much like a humidifier, and it is called a vaporizer. A vaporizer may look strange, but it is actually a very useful product that has helped many thus far. Brands will vary but in most cases, there is a main component that contains all of the electric parts, a filling chamber where the herb is placed into, and balloons, which look like small plastic bags where the smoke from the herb goes into after it is heated up by the main component.

After the atomizer heats up the herb, the vapor is stored inside the balloon where it can be inhaled directly or even stored for later use. Studies have shown that the vaporizer requires less plant material than when it is smoked directly without the vaporizer to give the user the same effect. No smoke is produced and with the vapor stored inside a balloon bag, there is little to no concern of others inhaling the vapor as well.

With much debate and controversy surrounding the usage of certain herbs and their toxicity levels, including tobacco, a product like this can revolutionize the way that people will view “smoking” herbs. Burning tobacco, for example, can produce harmful, toxic, and carcinogenic by-products. Everyone, by now, is well aware of the harmful side effects produced from secondhand smoke, and using a vaporizer is one way of eliminating the dangerous toxins found in burnt tobacco. The herb is not being burned, rather it is heated in a partial vacuum by a vaporizer and the active [toxic] compounds are boiled and turned into a vapor. While it may not completely eliminate all toxins found in tobacco, it rids all tar and significantly lowers the concentration of carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals.

Devices such as the vaporizer and even the electronic cigarette are providing the user with an alternative way that is both healthier and more environmentally friendly without the harmful side effects.