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Vapor Steam Cleaners-What, When and Why?

By November 22, 2016Vapor

Vapor steam cleaners use a boiler to heat tap water to high temperatures of 115-155 degree C and use it for cleaning purposes. They are also known as steam vapor cleaners as these cleaners are employed to clean, disinfect and sterilize surfaces. Quick drying is also achieved using these cleaners. The pressure of the steam is low, around several atmospheres. The moisture content is also considerably little, ranging from 4 to 6%.

In cleaners such as these, heat serves as the main catalyst. The hot, dry steam produced has low moisture content, varying from five to six percent. The steam will terminate any kind of allergen and bacteria that it comes in contact with. The interesting thing about this steam is that, it does not condense after coming in contact with the surface. Instead, it evaporates, leaving the surface of contact, spotless and clean.

High temperature steam is directed onto surfaces for cleaning purposes. It serves as the cleaning agent. As compared to the traditional “steam cleaners”, this process is more advanced. It requires very little water and does not make the surfaces soggy wet as in “steam cleaners” that employ hot water as the cleaning agent. The water usage in vapor steam cleaners is measured in quarts per second.

As this system requires a very small amount of water, it can be used for cleaning up the interiors of offices and homes. The basic principle has been employed to give vapor steam cleaners of all types, ranging from those used in industry to the easily available models for domestic use.

Steam vapor cleaners have initiated more industrial production revolving around them. These cleaners are not even based on any chemical and are hence, environmental friendly. These steam cleaners are becoming popular day by day due to their safe, easy and efficient cleaning methods. These appliances tend to prevent household systems to become victims of the harmful side effects of chemicals!

Tests have proven the hygienic superiority of such systems. For hypoallergenic environments, steam vapor systems serve as competent cleaners. They do not cause any degradation of the indoor air quality as well. This is because they use to destroy molds and viruses using steam as the cleaning agent instead of chemicals.

Steam vapor cleaning destroys the microbes by using direct heat and coagulates their membrane pores, making it impossible for them to survive. Hence, the steam vapor cleaners serve efficiently against bio contamination as well.

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