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Vapor Steam Cleaner is Excellent Choice for Hard Surface Maintenance

By December 12, 2016Vapor

When it comes to maintaining hard surfaces, nothing can match the results offered by vapor steam cleaner machines. Today, steam cleaners are used to maintain hard surfaces ranging from vehicles and floors to condenser coils and refrigerators. Here is a look at some of these hard surface cleaning applications.

Gum Removal from Concrete Surfaces

Vapor steam cleaner equipment available from reputable suppliers now features excellent gum removal capabilities. High steam temperatures of up to 369°F soften chewing gum wads. In addition, pressure levels of nearly 125 psi help clean off gum blotches. The special gum cleaning solutions and gum removal accessories available with these steam cleaning machines help clean off gum wads from concrete walls, floors, driveways, and parking lots.

Floor Maintenance

With proper care and maintenance, your floors will remain as good as new for years. This is why it is time to forget traditional cleaning techniques, such as scrubbing and mopping, and instead bring in low moisture steam cleaners. These vapor steam cleaner systems are ideal for maintaining almost all kinds of floor surfaces including hardwood, vinyl, tile and linoleum.

Dry steam generated by steam cleaning machines dissolves the toughest stains, grime and dirt on floors. Since hot steam also disinfects and deodorizes, you need not use any kind of chemical sanitizers or deodorizers. The self-cleaning capability of boilers with the latest vapor steam cleaner machines helps prevent the buildup of scaly deposits within the boiler. This ensures proper performance of the boiler and extends the lifespan of the steam cleaner as well.

Toilet Maintenance

Cleaning and disinfecting toilets is not an easy job. The tough stains on urinals or toilet seats as well as the soap scum on faucets can make your bathroom look dull and unhygienic. To effectively maintain almost all surfaces of a toilet without scrubbing for hours, it is best to use steam vacuum cleaners. The best steam cleaner machines feature solid construction, top-quality components, stainless steel construction and heavy-duty boilers. Portable steam cleaner machines are now available with advanced anti-bacterial functions that ensure elimination of more than 99 percent of harmful bacteria and germs generally found in damp environments like toilets.

Auto Detailing

Auto detailing professionals must be equipped with the best steam cleaner equipment in order to accomplish excellent car washing results. To ensure durability, reliability and efficiency, choose low moisture steam vacuum cleaners from leading distributors. High steam temperatures of up to 356ºF coupled with pressure levels of 105 psi help clean off dirt and grime found on steering wheels, windows, dashboards and more.

So as you can see, portable steam cleaner machines are great for maintaining a wide range of hard surfaces. Instead of purchasing your vapor steam cleaner from the local hardware store, check out the online stores of leading distributors. You will have a better selection to fit your needs.