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Vapor Machines for Hardwood Floor Maintenance

By December 3, 2016Vapor

Maintenance professionals around the world now choose the most advanced cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing techniques, to maintain different areas in commercial and industrial settings. This is applicable in the case of floors as well. More and more cleaning experts continue to choose portable steam cleaner machines to maintain hardwood floors. When compared to traditional techniques of sweeping and mopping, using steamer machines offers superior cleaning results and does not demand too much time or effort from users. The best vapor steamers available from reputed suppliers are also empowered with odor control features and antibacterial functions.

Say no to harsh chemicals
Eliminating dirt buildup from floors usually involves the use of cleaning chemicals containing harsh or toxic components. This practice can trigger allergic reactions or other health issues in users. It can also leave behind strong chemical odors. Simply switching to portable steam cleaner equipment offers a great way to completely avoid using such chemicals. The hot steam ejected by steam vapor machines helps clean, disinfect, and deodorize hardwood floors without affecting the quality of air.

Versatile machines
The best brands in the industry now offer powerful and portable steam cleaner products that also rate high in terms of versatility. Unlike hard surface machines, these vapor steaming machines do not come equipped with motorized spinning functions that offer better results in cleaning, compared to vapor systems as well as non-motorized versions. In addition to hardwood floors, these systems also help maintain a range of other surfaces, such as VCT, vinyl, limestone, marble, concrete, tile, and grout. The low operating noise of these machines makes them perfect for use in schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and hotels.

The best portable steam cleaner machines from leading suppliers offer the benefits of several machines, such as:An upholstery cleaning machine.A hard surface cleaner featuring motorized spinner and adjustable pressure levels.A commercial carpet washing system with extraction functions.A commercial wall cleaning machine.A pressure wash system.Amazing technologies
The low flow function is one aspect that sets apart the best vapor steam cleaners from the rest. During the cleaning process, portable steam cleaner machines featuring this low flow technology utilizes just one-third of the water used by any conventional floor steam cleaner. This ensures minimum moisture on the floors once you have finished cleaning. Moreover, if your steam vacuum cleaner features excellent extraction functions, then it will help simultaneously dissolve and extract dirt buildup from hardwood floors.

Motorized spinners that are not available with vapor steam cleaners deep cleans most floors and guarantees 70 percent better cleaning results. The high rotation rates of spinners, about 1000 rpm, offer the best ever cleaning results. These floor steam cleaner equipment effectively eliminate grime, oil, grease, dried food particles, and other deposits from hardwood floors.

To ensure superior cleaning results, make sure that you always use steam vacuum cleaner machines designed for use on floors and not other versions, such as carpet steam cleaning equipment. Some of the popular machines intended for use on floors also include burnishers, floor buffers, and scrubbers. However, these attachments of a portable steam cleaner help you access tight spaces and hard-to-reach corners with ease.

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Oh the vapor of it all
It’s a chasing of the wind
the powers of the earth so pale and thin
We will set our hearts on you again

Heaven taunts the hearts of men
We can feel it from within
The beauty of it all, the mystery
The swelling of a voice, a rising sea

Holy! You oh God are Holy!
Trees clap their hands for you!
Oceans they dance for you!
You are holy

Oh the mystery of it all!
I can never peer within
Could never find the words or understand
The fullness of a God! become a man


D Bm
Holy, You oh God are Holy
Trees clap their hands for you!
Oceans they dance for you!
You are holy, infinite and holy
A billion suns rise for you!
Clouds paint the skies for you
!Mountains stand tall for you!
Valleys bow down to you!
Everything rising to sing all our songs for you

Bridge (‘Oh’)

Holy, the Impossible and Holy
Kings become fools for you
Kingdoms to ruins for you
Vapor finds ground in you
Music finds sound for you
Everything rising, everything rising, everything rising

Come like dawn, Like waves, like sunlight; bring this world to life
Come like rain, Like breath, like springtime, bring this world to life

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