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The Nike Mercurial Vapor is a football boot manufactured by Nike

By January 1, 2017Vapor

F 550 Messi is the category of shoes which can be used by the cyclists and the people in the Halloween and in Football. Range of football boots is Adidas’s signature line of customizable, lightweight boots. First released in 2004, in the build-up to UEFA Euro 2004, the range was released as a successor of the X-Line range and as a direct competitor to Nike’s Mercurial Vapor range, which had been released two years earlier. The name F50 (Football 50) is a reference to the year 1954 when the West German national team won the World Cup in revolutionary Adidas boots with exchangeable studs. Adidas decided to mark this occasion with another revolutionary boot exactly 50 years after the event in 2004.

F50 Football Boots are a range of football boots developed by German sportswear manufacturers Adidas based on a prototype concept from the Australian former footballer Craig Johnston. The common feature of the Predator range is the presence of rubber patches or strips on the top of the shoe, designed to increase friction between the boot and the ball. In late 2010, Adidas designed the new “Power-spine” technology, which they claim improves shot power by reducing the amount the foot bends back as it kicks the ball.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor is a football boot manufactured by Nike. The boot is known for being lightweight. Because of this, the boot is favored by many players for whom speed is a very important part of their game, notably wingers or strikers. The boot is now in its eighth version the Nike Mercurial Vapor 8, currently available in six color ways: Mango/Grey, Sail/Red Total Orange/Retro Blue, Seaweed/Green/Challenge Red, Nike Clash Edition Pink/White, Blue/Retro Orange/Challenge Red, and the fourth Cristiano Renaldo Mercurial Boot entitled “Love to Win, Hate to Lose” Black/Obsidian Blue/Pink.

Released in May 2012 release but was already tested by professionals in blackout versions, the next Predators will be called the LZ due to the five lethal zones on the boots. Previously referred to as the D5 due to the same five zones being called deadly, Adidas changed the name in the build up to their release. In a change for the Predators they will have a synthetic leather upper and these will be the first Predator boots with miCoach capability. The Predator LZ also has a sprint frame and stud configuration from the F50 with some minor changes shown in recent pictures. The first zone is called “first touch”. It is on the front of the boot. It supposedly gives the wearer a good first touch. The second zone is called “dribble”. It is on the side of the boot and supposedly gives a better touch. The third is called “drive”. This is the classic predator zone in the striking part of the foot, used for long passes down the field and more powerful shots. The fourth is called “pass”. It is made up of extra foam with a bit of tacky material in the passing zone. The last one is called “sweet spot”. It is on the side of the big toe and is helpful for giving spin and chipping.