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The Different Ways A Vaporizer Works

By July 7, 2017Vapor

Vaporizers work by heating a substance, any type of plant material, to a point where the basic elements a user is trying to pull from them, are released before actually burning the material, or releasing any smoke. This enables a person to extract more of the elements from the herb being used, while virtually eliminating any smoke, or creating any new toxins formed by the smoke. People surrounding the user are not bothered by the smoke, such as the acrid cloud that often comes from a burning cigarette. Some early versions of a vaporizer reproduced the experience of smoking but still had health hazards associated with them. There are no proven claims that vaporization of tobacco is healthier than smoking, but smokers say it’s better on the lungs and throat. As well, a main constituent to tobacco smoke, tar, is virtually eliminated through a vaporizer. It also makes a great quit smoking aid is cost effective and more natural.

Nearly all vaporizers work the same way, however, there are a few different ways that herbs are heated and delivered to the user. A gentle method called indirect heating is used in all the different designs. By this method, the herbs never touch the heating element. The element is heated, air is drawn over it, and then the air becomes hotter. The air passes over the herbs and heats them really fast but remains below a temperature of spontaneous combustion. This releases the essence of the herbs and produces the best flavor of the herbs being heated.

Also used is a method called direct heating. The herbs are placed on a metal plate, which is heated until the plant material releases its basic elements. The taste is not quite as subtle as when indirect heating is used. Sometimes, because the herbs touch the metal directly, they can burn and also create an unpleasant taste. The third way that a vaporizer could work is called the direct delivery method. You can inhale the vapor as soon as it’s created. Another delivery method is called stored vapor delivery. Vapors are created then stored in the glass dome or in a plastic bag. Many people like this method but sometimes the vapor can become stale or just dissipate.

All vaporizers use hot air to extract the essence of the plant material. In this they are all the same. It’s the subtle differences that appeal to some, and not others, leaving the choice entirely up to the individual user as to which one to try and enjoy.

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