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Steam Vapor Systems for Tile and Grout Maintenance

By January 13, 2017Vapor

High traffic areas in homes, commercial settings and industrial environments demand the use of exceptionally durable floors that are able to resist wearing for years. This is the primary reason why tile and grout floors are in high demand all over the world. Tile and grout can withstand rough use without easily succumbing to chipping or staining. However, it is important to clean such floors well, if you are serious about maintaining its gleaming looks.

Simply, scrubbing or wiping the floors no longer helps maintain tile and grout at its best. Grout is very porous and more vulnerable to accumulating dirt and absorbing stains. Too much of scrubbing can cause grout to break off. For this reason, you must try using steam cleaner machines, to deep clean tile and grout floors.

Welcome the power of steam
It is a well-known fact that steam has excellent cleaning properties. It helps dissolve tough dirt deposits almost instantly, thereby saving users the effort of scrubbing. Steam is also very gentle, even on delicate surfaces. The hot and dry steam ejected by steam cleaner equipment efficiently helps remove the dirt and oil on tiled floors. Dry steam contains low moisture content. It leaves your floors relatively dry after a cleaning session. In fact, the steam generated by steam cleaner machines penetrates deep into the grout and removes dirt that has been absorbed by the surface. All you have to do is wipe away the dissolved deposits and marvel at how sparklingly clean and fresh-smelling your floors have become.

In case your steam vapor system is equipped with vacuum extraction features, every bit of dissolved dirt and moisture will be neatly extracted by the machine and deposited in an extraction chamber. This vacuum extraction feature available in vapor steam cleaners leaves your floors clean and dry and also spares you the effort of wiping. For this reason, ensure that the industrial steam cleaner you purchase comes with the vacuum extraction capability.

Feature-rich versions
New-generation steam cleaners for tile and grout cleaner are versatile machines that can be used for a host of other applications in addition to tile and grout cleaning. These steam cleaning machines can also function as gum removal machines with the gum kit, and can be used for vinyl floors, hard wood floors, inside appliances, on bathroom surfaces, and for virtually all other applications for which the technology is appropriate, As a result, these versatile versions of vapor steam cleaners come in handy for maintaining different surfaces, such as tile floors, leather and vinyl upholstery, bedding, and kitchen equipment.

The most powerful hard floor steam cleaners available from reputed brands are capable of attaining temperatures of up to 369ºF. This ensures complete elimination of dirt particles, greasy deposits, and grime. The super-hot temperatures of the industrial steam cleaner also help remove germs, allergens, and bacteria from tile floors. Dried food particles or other organic matter can emit foul odors. Hot steam ejected by steam cleaning machines completely eliminates the source of odors and leaves the floors smelling clean and fresh. Try pre-spraying some chemical, preferably of the “green” variety to the surface to help boost the cleaning action of the steam cleaner.

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