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NaNO Vapor Vs Superpump 250: Which One Makes You Lift More?

By February 25, 2017Vapor

When you decide you want to get more serious about your workouts, you may want to look into supplementation. A pre-workout supplement is one of the more common ways to improve exercise results. When comparing NaNO Vapor vs Superpump 250, which are two of the more popular, is one better than the other?

These two products are actually quite similar. First of all, they are both created with the intention of helping you get more out of each workout. They give you more energy and allow you to do more in each session so that you get better and faster results.

The way these products do this primarily comes down to two things. The first is that they have creatine as one of their ingredients. Creatine is a protein which is naturally in your muscles. It promotes the production of ATP which is the energy that allows your muscles to do whatever type of work you set them too. In studies, these types of supplements show a correlation to heavier weights and more reps resulting in leaner muscle mass.

The second way they help you boost the effect of your workout is getting more nitric oxide into the bloodstream. This makes your blood vessels expand which enables your muscles to use more creatine. More creatine means more ATP which means your workouts will be more intense.

On the other hand, both products have also had side effects reported when taking them. One person will say that NaNO Vapor gave them a side effect that Superpump 250 did not. The next person will say the exact opposite. Most of the side effects fall under the digestive category. Usually, either they are too hard on the stomach or the person experienced extreme bouts of diarrhea. The indigestion can often be resolved by simply eating a bit of food whenever you take the supplement.

As far as price goes, Superpump 250 is usually found at a lower price than NaNO Vapor. If you get similar results from both, this can be important consideration. On the other hand, you want to use the one that gives you greater results if there is a notable difference between the two.

In other words, both products have a multitude of people that will either swear by or against them. The only way you can really know how they will work for you is to try them. In the final analysis, it is your body that needs to be the deciding factor of which is better in NaNO Vapor vs Superpump 250.