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NaNO Vapor Vs NO Xplode: Is One Better?

By November 26, 2016Vapor

The variety of workout supplements are numerous. Many of these are meant to be taken before the workout. Of these, NO Xplode and NaNO Vapor are among the most frequently used. But when you compare the results from NaNO Vapor vs NO Xplode, does one outperform the other?

The intention of both of the supplements is similar. They are meant to give you a boost in both stamina and energy with the result that you will do a harder workout and see greater results. Creatine is one ingredient that helps in this regard.

The protein creatine allows for more ATP to be produced in the muscles. ATP is basically energy that muscles use to perform all their tasks such as the lifting of weights. Research shows that the creatine supplements which result in this ATP increase both the weight you can lift as well as the number of times you can lift it.

Both of these supplements are also intended to boost the nitric oxide present in your muscles. Nitric oxide dilates your blood vessels. This increases the maximum amount of creatine that your muscles can use. Which, of course, results in more ATP and further increases the results from your workouts.

Both products use arginine to boost the level of nitric oxide. They also both have caffeine to increase energy. NO Xplode has more caffeine and creatine. NaNO Vapor has more arginine. In speaking of arginine, one needs to take care in the case of heart problems. Anyone who has already had a myocardial infarction, or heart attack, should not take it.

When it comes down to results, it really is an individual matter. You can find testimonials for both products saying that one is better than the other. You can also find bad reviews for each.

While some people do experience side effects from one product or the other, these seem to be particular to the person. In other words, you can find similar side effects experienced with either product, such as digestive problems. Yet, in either case, the reviewer may try the other product and not experience it.

Another issue may be the way the product is taken. For example, side effects may be experience because too much is taken. Or it is taken in the incorrect manner.

In the end, the only way to know which is better for you is to try both. From the number of reviews out there, they both obviously can work. Only you can determine if the result is what you are looking for without any side effects that you cannot live with.

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