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How to Use a Steam Cleaner for Gum Removal

By August 13, 2017Vapor

A steam cleaner machine is one of the finest hard surface cleaners around. These machines clean hard surfaces by ejecting high temperature outputs onto the hard surfaces to melt and dissolve dirt and stains.

Steam cleaners have other uses as well in addition to hard surface cleaning. For instance, these machines can be used for chewing gum extraction. This article provides some tips to effectively use a steam cleaner for removing chewing gum from floors and walls.

How It Works
The gum removal process using steam cleaning machines is fairly simple. These machines eject high temperature output onto the chewing gum pieces. The output melts the chewing gum, which can be either extracted by the machine or removed manually.

The only consideration is the safety of the operator and the soft substances nearby. Steam cleaner machines offer high temperature outputs, which normally reach up to 386°F. Soft surfaces, such as paper, clothes, linen, and plastic, must be kept away from the output of the machines.

The following are some of the features of steam cleaning machines that make them ideal for chewing gum removal.

Dry Vapor Output
The sophisticated steam cleaner machines available today offer dry vapor output. This is a superheated form of water. Dry vapor output has two advantages when it comes to chewing gum removal. First, the output is very sharp, and it melts old and decayed gum residue. The cleaning process is highly efficient and quick.

The second advantage is that little water is used during the cleaning process. Dry vapor output has less than 5% of liquid water content.

Attached Vacuum
Modern commercial steam cleaner machines are equipped with attached vacuums. As a result, these are often called steam vacuum cleaner machines. Conventional steam cleaners did not have this facility. Those machines could only melt or displace dirt. Extraction was beyond their means.

But, steam vacuum cleaner machines can extract the molten dirt residues too. The extraction mechanism comes in handy for gum removal. The extraction mechanism makes the process unbelievably fast. Such machines carry out dissolving of gum pieces and their extraction almost simultaneously.

Automatic Refilling
Another feature of commercial steam cleaners that makes gum removal faster and more convenient is automatic refilling technology. This technology allows continuous functioning of the machines. While using conventional machines, cleaning workers had to stop working in order to refill the boiler tank when the tank became empty.

In modern machines with automatic refilling, water is automatically filled in when the water level of the boiler falls below a certain level. This is achieved by adding a separate tank from which water is transferred to the boiler tank.

Other Features
There are other features as well for steam vacuum cleaner machines that help increase the efficiency of the gum removal process. Such features include antimicrobial technology that eliminates disease-causing microorganisms and HEPA filters that can absorb even very small particles.

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