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How Electronic Cigarettes Are Changing Smokers Into Vapors

By March 24, 2017Vapor

When a person is using an e-cigarette, they can not really say they are smoking because this product does not produce smoke. It looks like smoking tobacco and feels like smoking tobacco, but actually there is no tobacco being used at all. The only thing that even comes close to being the same as smoking a tobacco cigarette is that the electronic cigarette does give you nicotine, but that is where the similarities end. E-cigarette users call what they do vaping and not smoking.

They call the procedure vaping because they are actually inhaling a vapor. The vapor comes from a mixture of water, nicotine, flavorings and a dew other additives that help deliver the nicotine to the user. The sensation is milder to most than inhaling the harsh toxic smoke from tobacco cigarettes and the taste is about the same. This is not really a trade off in anyway because the user still gets what they are accustomed to getting from tobacco, only it comes from a vapor instead of harmful smoke.

Another aspect of the vapor is that unless the user inhales, you do not see the vapor. It is only made when the user inhales and then exhales. It does not linger in the air the way that smoke does either. The vapor disappears very quickly and does not hang around to annoy the user or others. This is why it is hoped by e-cigarette users than one day soon the electric cigarette will be permitted to be used almost anywhere. Most researchers believe that it poses little to no risk for others to be around the vapor. The vapor is also odorless so it does not smell bad the way burning tobacco smoke does.

Tobacco smokers have always had to worry about burning things with their lit cigarette and what the smell can do inside their home or car, but the electric cigarette does not pose any risk of fire, nor does it leave a sticky residue like the tar from tobacco smoke does. All in all the e-cigarette is a much cleaner product to use than tobacco. No fire, no smoke, and no smell, means a cleaner environment for the smokers and others as well. It might be some time yet before e-cigarette users are allowed to pull them out and puff on them just anywhere they like, but perhaps it will not be too far down the road.

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