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Grab the premier Vapor Phase reflow machine

By December 5, 2016Vapor

A high quality and durable solder joint is the most primary requirement of the Electronics Manufacturing. A Vapor Phase Reflow Oven is the superior equipment to get a high quality solder joint done for both Low-Volume customers and High Volume Customers. Since, creating a high quality solder joint for Low-Volume customers is very costly and repeatability is crucial for High Volume Customers. Due to these advantages, a Vapor Phase Reflow Oven has been acclaimed as the best solution to fulfil both the requirements at once.

The improvements in vapour phase reflow technology ensure that the new generation machines will not prone to overheating alike the older generation machines. Now the temperature is limited just up to 230 degrees, cutting down the risk to a great extent. There are rare chances of exceeding the temperature of the material used, irrespective of the time it is exposed to the soldering process. This also helps to reduce the stress on PCBs (printed circuit boards) used, and hence, eradicates wastage.

You can experience a number of advantages of the decade old technology of a Vapor Phase reflow over Convection and IR Reflow methods certifying the superior Reflowed Solder Joint.

Vapor Phase Reflow facilitates you to have:
Controlled Temperature throughout
Cooler reflow to reduce component damages
Better joints for lead free process
Consistent reflow for all parts
Extra vigorous process
Oxygen-free-process, oxygen-free pre-heat and soldering process
Reproducible process in the long and short term
Uniform heating for each shape, any color, packaging, weight and board layout
Low operating costs through efficient energy use
Real Single Batch Capability
High process reliability with on-line long-distance diagnostics
Optical-Process-Control (OPC)
Visual Process Control
Adjustable Temperature gradients in the preheating zone through Temperature-Gradient-Control (TGC)
Automatic recognition of the completed soldering process through ASB
Standardized interface for modern production lines
You can get this Vapor Phase Reflow machine from a leading electronics equipment distribution company, situated out of Berthoud, CO. ‘A-Tek Systems Group, LLC’.
An assortment of assembly equipment, including Selective solder machines, Vapor Phase Reflow products, Circuit Board Depaneling, PCB cleaning, Industrial Detergents and Stereo Microscopes, is available at A-Tek Systems Group.
Yield improvement products protecting PCB during value-added steps throughout assembly are what A-Tek provides. We aim to offer our customers leading assembly equipment that will help improving the quality and yield effectively, efficiently as well as reliably. Since, our inception in the year 2005, we are the leading distributor of technology-rich printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing equipment.

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