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Electric Cigarettes Have No Tobacco

By July 23, 2017Vapor

One of the worst things about smoking cigarettes is the tobacco that is in them. But there is no way to have a cigarette without tobacco, right? Wrong. The electric cigarette is a device that will give you the nicotine you crave without the tobacco that you are to smoking. It might sound a little crazy, but for those who have tried this product, it is a dream come true.

An electric cigarette works with a battery that is charged about once a day or so depending on how often you use it. It has no tobacco and you do not light it at all, but you do get the nicotine. The flavor and sensation to smoking a real tobacco cigarette is uncanny. It tastes like tobacco and feels like smoking tobacco, only you are not. What you are actually inhaling is a vapor.

The vapor from the electric cigarettes comes from water, flavorings, and the nicotine solution that is mixed with a few other elements. This solution is placed inside the plastic filter tip that is attached to the battery stick. Between the filter and the battery stick is a metal object called an atomizer. The atomizer is the unit that heats the nicotine solution and makes it taste and feel like smoking tobacco. Most smokers who have tried this smoking device are amazed at how similar the sensation is.

You can purchase an e-cigarette starter kit for less than one hundred dollars and it comes with everything you need to use it right away. Each nicotine filter is close to a pack of cigarettes, but only costs about two dollars or so. That is half or less than a pack of tobacco cigarettes, so it is actually much cheaper to use.

Along with the fact that it is cheaper to use, there is no tobacco odor or residue from the vapor that it emitted and exhaled. The vapor evaporates almost immediately so it is not nearly so offensive to others if it is at all. You really have nothing to lose by trying the electric cigarette, but you do have something to gain, a little more money in your pocket and you will likely smell better too. Your friends will notice that you no longer smell like stale, burned tobacco every time they get near you. It might even improve your social life once you stop using tobacco.

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