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Context of the Word Vaporizer

By June 13, 2017Vapor

A relatively new term in the English language, to vape or vaping as applied in the context of today’s modern lingo refers to the process of delivering a vaporized solution of a material to the user in lieu of smoking the said material. Most commonly used for cannabis and tobacco, vaping is quickly replacing the smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and rolled marijuana joints and bongs.

The process of vaping is generally done with an electric vaporizer or battery powered electronic cigarette known as the e-cigarette. These devices distribute a dose of nicotine, cannabis or other herbal plant material to the user in the form of a concentrated vapor. The material does not undergo the combustion process and results in a non-smoking, smoking experience. In other words, no smoke byproduct is created in the process of vaporization. Therefore, the vaporizer and the e-cigarette are commonly used in situations where smoking is prohibited and also as a tool for smoking cessation.

Vaping with one of the many varieties of electronic cigarettes entails the use of a battery operated atomizer that is located inside the device. The e-cigarette is used for vaping nicotine or a nicotine substitute. By inhaling air from the tip of the device, the user activates the atomizer which in turn expels a mixture of vapor containing the nicotine or its substitute, flavor and other inactive ingredients. The vapor is inhaled just as it would be from a burning cigarette and then exhaled in a form that looks like smoke.

The term vaping as it applies to a vaporizer generally refers to the process of vaporizing cannabis, although a vaporizer is also used to create vapors from many other types of plant materials. A vaporizer uses the process of sublimation to transform a solid material such as the parts of a plant into a vapor that can be inhaled. Vaporizers are used to create a variety of herbal home remedies and employ a number of other uses such as room freshening and aromatherapy. The vaping of cannabis has proven to be a desirable alternative to smoking for the fact that harmful byproducts like carcinogens are eliminated from the process.

In short, vaping is a method of obtaining active ingredients from a material, particularly an herbal substance, without burning the substance. Vapor is the product that is created by a vaporizer and used in the process of vaping. It may not be long until people are taking a vape break instead of a smoke break!

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