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Cleaning a Veterinary Clinic

By June 24, 2017Vapor

For the most part, you take your pet to a veterinary clinic for one reason…they are sick. That usually means they are entering the vet clinic carrying some kind of virus, germ or bacteria and they will, more than likely, leave some of what they are carrying at the veterinary clinic. If the veterinarian does not properly and thoroughly disinfect their offices other pets, and even people, could be affected.

In the past, disinfecting a vet clinic entailed using chemical-based cleaners and disinfectants including chlorine based products to eliminate all of the germs, viruses and bacteria left behind by the pets they treated. The problem with this method is that the chemicals used to clean and disinfect, especially products using chlorine, are harmful not only to the pets but to people as well. Chemical-based cleaners like chlorine can aggravate allergies and irritate eyes, skin and sinuses. And that applies not only to the pets it also applies to their owners, the clinic staff and the veterinarians.

In addition, although some chemical-based disinfectant cleaners used properly with proper dwell times, and the chemical residues removed, can disinfect the surfaces they come in contact with, they are not able to get deep down into porous surfaces to disinfect where much of the bacteria, germs and viruses live and breed. Even stainless steel examining tables and operating tables are porous and chemical-based cleaners may not thoroughly disinfect them leaving germs, viruses and bacteria waiting for the next patient.

So what is the solution to properly cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing a veterinarian’s office? Steam vapor as produced by a dry steam vapor system is the best method to use to clean, disinfect and sanitize a veterinary clinic. And the best steam cleaner to use in a veterinary clinic is a Ladybug steam vapor system equipped with the proprietary TANCS disinfection system.

TANCS (Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation) by Advanced Vapor Technologies LLC. is a proprietary technology that uses minerals that naturally occur in tap water to form crystals. These crystals gain energy from the heat as they pass through the boiler. These crystals are then accelerated along with the steam as the water is transformed into a super-heated low-moisture steam. Cell membranes are disrupted by this process allowing the high temperature steam vapor to destroy any germs that are present. Although this process destroys the germs and bacteria on the surface being clean it is safe for you.

Ladybug makes three different steam cleaners equipped with TANCS, the Ladybug T2200S, the Ladybug XLT 2300 and they Ladybug Tekno 2350. The Tekno 2350 also comes with a handy trolley to transport the steam cleaner throughout your clinic. Ladybug steam cleaners equipped with TANCS provide water only disinfection and qualify as a disinfection device for the U.S. EPA. This is important…Ladybug steam cleaners equipped with TANCS have been tested and certified effective by independent laboratories against canine parvovirus, MRSA and biofilms without the use of chemicals.

This makes Ladybug steam cleaners equipped with TANCS a unique and excellent choice to clean and disinfect veterinary clinics.