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Can Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking For Good

By March 26, 2017Vapor

Can electronic cigarettes help you quit smoking, really? E cigarettes have become the new fad when it comes to trying and kick the cigarette habit. Yet, the FDA is not on board with e cigarettes being a feasible means of quitting smoking. Some have simply replaced their smoking habit with an e cigarette routine. While you might be able to quit smoking using e cigarettes, the jury is still out regarding their effectiveness.

E cigarettes look just like their real counterparts. The difference is the electronic version uses battery power to vaporize liquid nicotine. The nicotine comes in cartridges that are replaceable. The smoker inhales the vapor which tastes like cigarette smoke. However, it is not smoke, it is nicotine mist. Actually the mist is warm water vapor and nicotine.

The advocates of vapor cigarettes think inhaling vapor is indeed safer than breathing in real tobacco smoke. The sales material of e cigarettes does support this notion. Health officials still will not endorse this product as a real cure all for kicking the cigarette habit, nor do they support the theory that this product is safer than real tobacco cigarettes.

Not many studies have been done on e cigarettes. There is one FDA study that shows that the vapor inhaled by e cigarette users does contain harmful carcinogens. This does imply that there may be some legitimate concerns on the safety of these products. As it seems the jury is still out there does not appear to be any endorsement coming in the near future regarding the safety e cigarettes or its role as an aide to quit the smoking habit.

A major concern of health officials is whether inhaling vapor laced with nicotine can cause nicotine poisoning. It well documented that the vapor does indeed contain nicotine. Another concern is whether the introduction of flavored tasting vapors is a way of luring children and teenagers into using the product. Health officials also question whether non smokers who may use the product can themselves become addicted to the nicotine content.

Public health organizations such as the FDA, the World Health Organization and Health Canada have all given thumbs down indication on e cigarettes. Furthermore, all these organizations have refused to validate electronic cigarettes as a significant tool to quit smoking cigarettes.

One interesting fact the e cigarette controversy has caused is; it is permissible to inhale vapors in no smoking areas. Vapor, unlike smoke is almost instantaneously dissolved into the air. This makes it possible to use e cigarettes without disturbing others. Advocates of e cigarettes think that other nicotine containing products are endorsed as a relevant aide to stop smoking. Supporters think that their product should be treated in the same manner.

Another pro argument that is often provided is the environment factor. There is no tossing of cigarette butts when using the e cigarette. They further the discussion with the fact no trees are being cut down to produce e-cigarettes. It is too soon to know if electronic cigarettes are a solution to stop smoking. One can probably wean themselves off the e cigarette, however this theory is not yet proven. One fact is known, e cigarettes are not the miracle quit smoking cure.


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