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Buy a boost vapor edition of HD 7950 3G Vapor-X graphic card

By October 6, 2016Vapor

Sapphire launched HD 7950 3G Vapor-X Edition of graphic card, on 16th August 2012, which shares many features of previously announced HD 7970 Vapor-X Edition series. The company launched it on more affordable prices as compared to the previously announced price point. This boost vapor edition has the newest GDDR5 memory clocked at 5000MHz which is highly productive and runs with a core clock speed of 850 MHz. It has PowerTune Dynamic Boost increases clock to 950 MHz on the engine. It has a bit less sophisticated power design of 8-phase. It also has adjustable output arrangements of Dual-link DVI-D, HDMI, DVI-I and DisplayPort. All these configurations are ideally suited for multi-screen gaming, as well as, offering the accomplishments that are required for some professional applications such as video creating, content creation, or rendering.

On its standard settings, when the two-fold BIOS button is operated, the base clocks remains the same, but there is a rise in the clocks through PowerTune Dynamic Boost. The PowerTune limit and fan profile, both are altered to performance settings. Users can also tune the card individually with SAPPHIRE TriXX. It is a company’s free to download software tool that facilitates users adjusting some of the key parameters for their maximum performance. The Vapor-X cooler is specially designed the series that is based on a new vapor chamber. There are four heat pipes of dimensions 2 x 8mm + 2 x 6mm that carry all the generated heat. It is later scattered by two fans of 90mm consist of dust repelling bearings and aerofoil blades. This Vapor-X cooler easily manages the heat generated from the HD 7950 even under high load conditions.

The most common features of SAPPHIRE HD 7900 series Vapor-X Editions were based on AMD’s Graphics Core Next architecture. This edition supports all the latest demands of multi-threaded Application Acceleration with stream processing and multi-screen applications. This Vapor X edition contains fast HDMI support that provide stereoscopic 3D displays and high resolution. This series incorporate all the Direct Compute characteristics in the latest operating systems. The accessories required for Vapor X includes CrossFire™ Bridge Interconnect Cable, DVI to VGA Adapter, 8-PIN to 4 PIN x 2 Power Cable and HDMI high speed 1.8 meter cable.

One can buy this latest edition of graphic card through online shops and also from the shops which have franchise of Sapphire in Malaysia. One can even get various previously launched editions from such firms at economical prices. One can read more about the specifications of HD 7950 3G Vapor-X graphic card and other available cards on multiple sites before taking any decision.

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