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An Overview on e-Hookahs and Its Types

By June 13, 2017Vapor

Glass hookahs have quite seemingly transformed the traditional way of shisha smoking, thus converting it into a much smoother and satiating experience. These glass hookahs are made up of laboratory-grade glass and have a unique silicone style hose. They surely offer a much improvised functionality as well as performance. This kind of glass makes it quite durable and also adds strength to the hookah. And the best part is that many such glass hookahs can be dismantled for cleaning purposes. In addition, almost all leading brands offer a storage case for the hookah to help the smoker store it with utmost care.

People who possess one also enjoy it as a decorative item, in addition to the smoking capabilities it is known to exhibit. In fact in the realistic sense, a vapor glass hookah lends an entire new way of experiencing shisha and is so poles apart from the traditional one.
Then there are medium hookahs that not only offer a great shisha smoking experience, but also are quite handy, small and portable. These are quite elegantly designed and allow more than one person to have a hookah session. These also form a great gift for someone who loves being ‘hooked with hookah’…

The electronic vapor hookah has completely revolutionized the conventional way of smoking shisha. These can be operated either with e-liquids or even with hydro vapor stones. Both e-liquid as well as vapor stones come in an assortment of flavors in order to lend the smoker a simply fantastic experience, where he can choose the vapors to be inhaled as per his own taste buds. Isn’t it WOW!
Also the e-hookahs can be purchased online with a range of accessories (hose stoppers, hose stem adapter, pressure release valve set, vapor silicone hookah hose, hookah bowl, carrying case, cleaning brush, boxes of shisha, hookah trays, hookah tongs, hookah wind covers etc) that add to the experience. It is being used in many parts of the world, where people seem to be loving it and embracing it. Many people take it as a social relaxing activity, which has led to the opening up of several hookah bars across the world.

Hookah pens have been a great entrant in this market of hookahs. These come as rechargeable and refillable hookah pens. While doing an online purchase, one may ask for a manual to guide him towards various steps, like how to recharge; how to refill, etc.

Experience shisha in an entirely new way…and give yourself the pleasure…

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