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An Antibacterial Cleaning Solution That Is Eco Friendly Too

By June 2, 2017Vapor

Vapor steam cleaners are used in a number of different commercial and industrial capacities. When it comes to cleaning tile and grout or commercial kitchen areas, vapor steam cleaners are ideal cleaning solution that provides effective cleaning power that is safe on the environment. Another area where these kinds of steamer machines have been very useful is hospital premises.

A Real Cleaning Challenge
One of the reasons why vapor steam cleaners are so effective on cleaning hospital premises is that they address many challenges that other cleaning solutions cannot tackle. Hospital cleaning can be quite tricky, since areas need to be both cleaned and disinfected. Almost all hospital surfaces need to be kept as clean as possible, to reduce the risk of germs and bacteria spreading to patients. This includes bedding, the floors and hard surfaces.

In recent times, it has become clear that conventional hospital cleaning methods are not appropriate for the health of patients. Most cleaning agents and anti-bacterial solutions tend to be very strong and harsh. They can leave behind noxious fumes and harsh traces that can be as dangerous as dirt. To make matters worse, these cleaning agents cannot remove all kinds of dirt and debris. In most cases, a separate cleaning agent needs to be used for sanitizing.

Apart from that, many conventional cleaning methods call for manual labor, such as scrubbing and scraping. Not only is this time-consuming, it does not always get rid of the dirt and debris completely. Even the task of wiping up can end up spreading germs and dirt to other areas.

This is why vapor steam cleaners offer a better cleaning solution. Unlike chemical cleaning agents, these units only rely on the power of superheated water and anti-bacterial technology for cleaning and disinfecting. With this special technology, these units generate steam at very high temperatures and can eliminate a large number of germs and bacteria. Best of all, this disinfecting is done using nothing more than water.

Dry vapor steam cleaner offers great cleaning abilities as well. The steam can soften and dissolve stubborn sedimentation, light grime deposits, and dirt. Unlike other cleaning methods, steamer machines work to flush dirt and debris out of crevices, ensuring a very thorough cleaning.

All Round Eco-friendliness
Industrial steam cleaners and commercial steam cleaning machines may be different cleaning units, but they have some important things in common. Apart from being very effective cleaning machines, these units are also extremely eco-friendly. Unlike chemical-based cleaning agents and sanitizers that leave a load of pollutants and effluents after cleaning, a steam cleaner only uses water. There is no risk of harmful effluents involved.

This is why commercial steam cleaners and industrial steam cleaning machines are growing in popularity. Industrial complexes and factories are coming to realize that a steam cleaner offers a very effective, environment friendly cleaning solution that can also disinfect. This cleaning solution is a winning combination of cleaning efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Hospitals, nursing homes and a host of other places are now turning to vapor steam cleaners for their cleaning and disinfecting abilities. A number of steamer machines come equipped with special anti bacterial steam cleaner technologies and filtration systems for perfect sanitation and hygiene.

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