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Smoking Vapor Adjusting Airflow on your Electronic Cigarette

By July 2, 2017Vapor Smoke

How to adjust the airflow on your E-Cig. This is a quick video on how to adjust the airflow on your Smoking Vapor Electronic Cigarette. Smoking Vapor Phoenix Arizona http://www.smokingvapor.com 1-800-768-9982 The premier Online E Cigarette Store.
This video discusses Smoking Vapors’ E Cig Vaporizer Tank and the pieces that makes it whole. There is the Coil which is interchangeable. The tank will have two white streaks coming from it which is your wick. The wick inside the Coil absorb the E Liquid or E Juice to give you the full flavored taste that Smoking Vapors E Juice has to offer. You would tip the Tank or clearomizer to the side and pour the E Liquid or E Juice down the side of the tank until about 1 half or 3 quartersfull and seal the tank back closed and re-attach it to the battery then enjoy the smooth tasty vapor from your e cig vaporizer.

If you are looking for the best E Cig Vaporizers we have them. Smoking Vapor puts many man hours into the development of the best e cigarette and E Cig Vaporizer in the industry and we don’t want you to just take our word for it. That’s why we made out e cigarettes and E Cig Vaporizers affordable so you can try them for yourself. We promise you will be pleasantly surprised with the flavor of e cigarettes and the sleek and classy look of our e cig batteries all the way to the e cig packaging.We at SV are focused on solving the emotional pain of being ostracized as a smoker through removing the things that all people despise about smoking (no odor, no ash, no bad smell, no smoke, no yellow teeth, no bad breath, no stinky clothes) and replacing it with stimulation of the senses through the tactile feel of the e cigarette, the vibrant color & design, and the love of delicious satisfying e liquid flavor.

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We obsess and specialize in colorful, bold, delicious flavors like grape, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, green apple, watermelon, and amazing minty menthol’s. And like a gourmet chef, we shine when it comes to rich satisfying real tobacco tasting e liquid. Yes we have a style all our own. And at its core, the desire is about the flavor and the experience. The freedom to enjoy inhaling the sweet vapor flavor of your choice that caresses your taste buds and stimulates your mind.

SV is at the forefront of the revolution in this industry. We have been in business since the industry began. We are not Big Tobacco. Rather, we are the artisans and appreciators of the best invention since the light bulb because it has helped so many to put the harmful cigarettes down. We are our customers and we are at your service. We are the ones who relish flavor, who care what the customer wants, who pay attention to what goes into the formula of our e liquid. We listen, we tweak, we make sure that the flavor received from our e liquid exceeds even what was desired. We are here to exceed expectations and welcome the ostracized back into the arms of social acceptance and into a unique, accepted, refined way of enjoying their morning jolt or after dinner refreshment.

So join Our Family & Our Revolution. Be bold. Embrace your freedom. Find your flavor.

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