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E-Cig Vapor Or Secondhand Smoke: Which Is Even Worse For You?

By September 11, 2016Vapor Smoke

Were e-cigarettes really safe, and it is the secondhand vapor detrimental to your quality of life?

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Interior exposure to vapor less dangerous than smoke
“E-cigarette usage brings an obvious vapor that is often able to be smelled, according to the tastes as well as other items of the fluid. The vapor try released to the environment only once the consumer exhales (in other words! there’s no sidestream vapor), as opposed to cigarette cigarettes that discharge smoke constantly and kept alight, so when the consumer exhales!”

Secondhand Smoke Goes Electronic And Damaging Free-radicals From E-Cig Vapor
“When electronic cigarettes strike the U.S. markets back in 2007, not absolutely all medical care professionals are quick at label all of them a safer option to conventional cigarettes with smoking!”

Second-hand e-cig smoke compared to regular cigarettes
“second hand e-cig smoke possess ten circumstances less particulate situation than regular tobacco smoke; nonetheless greater levels of particular poisonous metals, new research discovers!”

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