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Buy an E Cigarette and E Liquid Nicotine Together in a Starter Kit

By January 6, 2017Vapor Juice E Liquid
vapor juice e liquid

Although the top tobacco companies would have you think otherwise, vaping is much safer than smoking cigarettes. Whether you are trying to quit smoking or you want to find a cleaner alternative to your habit, you can purchase both e liquid nicotine and an e cigarette together in a starter kit. This saves you money and gives you an opportunity to decide if vaping is something you will enjoy. Most smokers find that it is, because it is the artisan of smoking much like craft beer is the artisan to brew lovers.

Less Added Chemicals

When you buy an e cigarette, you are sparing your mouth, throat and lungs the carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarettes. Arsenic, benzene, carbon monoxide and tar are four of many squeezed into that tiny “cancer stick.” An e cigarette uses liquid to produce a vapor that simulates smoking. The liquid does not contain the carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarettes making it safer than the traditional alternative. You will still get your nicotine fix; you just won’t be stuck with all the additives.

How it Works

The e liquid nicotine is heated to produce the vapor that the smoker inhales and exhales. You feel as if you’re smoking an actual cigarette, and depending on which one you decide to buy, e cigarette manufacturers make some slim so they feel just like the real McCoy. Your liquid itself is what makes this experience artisan, as you can make your own or purchase flavored juice, such as berry or menthol. Experiment to find out which flavors you like best, or go flavorless if that’s your preference.

A starter kit is a good way to go, as you get your pen and e-juice in one bundle. For those trying to quit smoking, you can adjust the nicotine levels in your juice and slowly wean yourself off your habit. For those looking for a better way to smoke other than cigarettes and cigars, vaping is an alternative. The vaping community is a tight one, so talk with those you know who do vape to get some pointers on how to maximize your experience, then pick up your starter kit and see what all the talk is about.

Cleaner Than Smoking

If your partner has been nagging you to quit smoking because of your health and the mess, she or he will be relieved once you pick up vaping. According to WebMD, nicotine doesn’t cause cancer; it’s all the other stuff in the cigarettes that make them deadly. Your partner will be relieved when you put down that pack and pick up an e cigarette instead. Vaping is also cleaner. The smoke, is vapor, which dissipates in the air, and there isn’t any residual odor, staining tar in the e cig or need for ashtrays.

E liquid nicotine is a suitable alternative to cigarettes and cigars that is considered safer in numerous camps and cleaner. If you are a smoker, take your experience to a higher level with an e cigarette starter kit today. Enjoy an artisan smoking experience that is sure to please you and your loved ones.

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