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Ego t vape pen. $11.00

By March 26, 2017Vapes For Sale

Click to buy: http://goo.gl/Vkh9Cv

My ego t vape pens for sale. How to use and what ya get. also glass domes for .00
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(SOLD) My entire vape collection FOR SALE - Sell everything 3 of 3

Selling entire e-cig / vape collection (sold)
I am selling my entire collection of vape supplies on eBay now!

-Link removed-

This set includes:
-Tesla 15W Variable voltage and wattage!
-generic 18650 battery (NEW) + wall charger (NEW)!
-2x broken old pen vapes – can maybe use for parts / DIY vapes?
-1x pen vape batter cover
-2x pen vape chargers
-1x cigg size charger

Several tanks included!!!
-Kanger protank 3 (used + cleaned)
-Kanger AeroTank (used + cleaned)
-SMOC tanks 2x new, 2x used + cleaned
-Aspire 1 (used + cleaned)
-iClear 30 tank (used + cleaned) with used coils to rewind and replace cotton.
-rebuildable atomizer (used + cleaned) – dual coil model + precision screw driver
-JUUL battery and 4 coils (used)

-1x Anyvape Davide coil -2.5 ohm
-3x Kanger coils -1.5 ohm
-13x SMOK coils -2.0 ohm

wall and car USB chargers (NEW)
-Link removed-

BID NOW before you miss out!

This is how I make E-juice for my own personal use. I am not responsible for anything you do.


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