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Dabbing On-The-Go Has Never Been Easier

By January 19, 2017Vapes For Cheap
vapes for cheap

We can distinctly remember, several years ago when dabbing really began to get popular, how everyone wanted a way to be able to take the experience of dabbing with them wherever they went.

With all the pieces and parts, and large open-flame torches, along with breakable glass, it just was not convenient back then to take the dab essentials with you to a sesh…or a campsite…or anywhere in between.

But as with anything, demand drives innovation and here at The Dab Lab we have a handy variety of dab pens for sale and highly portable cheap glass oil rigs for sale that will keep you road warriors terp’d up without slowing you down.

Vape pens hit the scene many years ago, but just in the last couple of years they have begun to really dial in their tech and the options we offer at TheDabLab.com have met our high standards, and have a bunch of positive user reviews to back them up as well.

With full kit dab pens for sale starting at just $ 50.00, everyone should have a high quality vape pen for vacations, trips to the in-laws’ house, or anywhere else that you need the convenience of a mouthwatering puff of tasty oil vapors with just the touch of a button.

Quartz and ceramic atomizer technology, like that found in the Source Vapes product line, takes flavor and effects to a whole new level and gives a true and accurate representation of the flavor of the oil you load within.

Not to be outdone, the options that we give you from trusted brands like Grav Labs, Stag, Cloud Vapes, Pulsar, and more all offer different options and accessories at different price points to satisfy any budget.

The top of the line for battery-powered dabs is the electronic rig from Stag. This setups allow you to actually apply your dab the “traditional” way to a nail head heated by a totally portable handheld rechargeable battery.

If you want a bit more punch than vape pen tech currently offers, you should really consider the options that we have in stock from Health Stone Glass. All American made, Health Stone pieces feature a fritted disc in the bowl called a Vapor Stone. You put your typical dab dose on the room temp Vapor Stone, and then you apply heat from above with a triple flame butane lighter/torch.

By just using the very tip of the flame, all butane has long since burnt off, but the heat is more than enough to vaporize your oil down through the Vapor Stone, producing a large dab-like rip of taste and effects.

Available in pipe-style hand vapes, you basically appear to be smoking a bowl and the Vapor Stone cools down almost instantly, allowing ultimate discretion. We also have Vapor Slides so that you can convert your current glass rig to a Health Stone Glass Rig!

Of course, for you conventional dabbers who want the full dabbing experience, just shrunken down for travel convenience, The Dab Lab has a great selection of heady and cheap glass oil rigs for sale that you can wear around your neck, carry safely in a new T Case or Ryot Case, or even stuff in your pocket if need be.

We wouldn’t be your friend if we didn’t stress that you need to be smart and safe when dabbing on-the-go with these products. Not everyone is as affectionate about that new heady glass rig or high tech oil vape pen as we are, so respect your local laws and enjoy the discretion that these innovative products provide all while keeping your head right no matter where your adventures may lead you!

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