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Is Vaping Bad for You? (Smoking vs. Vaping)

By October 14, 2016Vape Vs Cigarette

This video is presented by Jayde Lovell (@jaydelovell), at Youtube Space NYC.
Directed by Mizanur Rahman (@mizafide). Edited by Khalid Straker.

So let’s start from the beginning. Most people smoke cigarettes to ingest the chemical nicotine – because they are addicted to it. Some people smoke cigarettes to ‘de-stress’ or to look cool – but mostly just because they’re addicted.

Anyway. The nicotine is released by burning tobacco – and the nicotine acts like caffeine and makes you feel more alert, and it releases dopamine to lift your mood.

BUT the problem with smoking cigarettes is that research shows that, well – they kill you. The smoke itself sends partially-combusted chemicals into your body and puts tar in your lungs. It also blackens teeth and smells gross.

Yeah, that. So the thing with vaping is that it doesn’t burn the tobacco like cigarettes. It heats the tobacco to a controlled temperature, so there’s much less smoke, and it often uses a liquid solution of water, nicotine, a base, and flavorings.

Generally speaking. Studies from the UK and Europe (links in the description) suggest that vaping is over 90% healthier than smoking.

But the thing is, there’s other factors to consider. With vapers – manufacturers are now introducing new things that aren’t present in cigarettes.

Propylene glycol isn’t in cigarettes, but it IS in vaping fluid. It’s used as a base, to dilute the nicotine and help it vaporize consistently, but it can also cause irritation to the eye and lungs.

Which mean you can make vaping fluid in all sorts of new flavors, like green apple, and cola, and cinnamon. But getting these flavors means using chemicals like diacetyl and cinnamaldehyde, both aren’t too great if inhaled in large doses. So which flavors are safe to vape? We haven’t had a chance to study them all yet, so we’re not exactly sure. It’s potentially risky.

And because we haven’t had very long to study vaping, the early research is a little conflicting.

For example, this year, the American Association for the Advancement of Science – probably one of the most reliable science sources in the world – profiled 3 studies that suggest vaping may actually be worse than smoking.

One study looked at the DNA of smokers vs. vapers. They looked at the almost 600 genes that are known to protect our bodies, fight infections, and ward of cancers. In smokers, 53 genes were depressed, which is one reason smokers are more prone to cancer, their cancer-fighting genes were turned off. BUT in people who vape, 358 genes were affected, which suggests vaping could be more damaging than cigarettes.

A second study in mice showed vapers led to hyperactivity, and scientists are exploring a connection between vaping and mental illness.

A third study in mice showed far lower sperm counts in the male mice who had been exposed to vapors from e-cigarettes.

They are just links that have been observed. They’ve only established correlation, not causation.

So Well, I guess it’s up to you what your risk tolerance is. The best science we have available suggests Vaping is definitely more dangerous than not smoking at all.

So if you’re a non-smoker who buys Paraben-free toothpaste and GMO free food because you’re worried that parabens and GMOs have freaky chemicals in them that haven’t been tested enough… then you definitely shouldn’t be vaping!


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