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Dangers of Sub Ohm vaping on unregulated mech mods

By October 5, 2016Vape Unregulated Box Mod

Published on Mar 5, 2015
4/15/2016 ****Authentic Variant by Vicious Ant for 0 !!! ~upgraded to 300 watts!~
Authentic Vape Outlet Mall on facebook:
***does not come with LIpo or charger. You will need to buy separately. Buy a good quality charger for your LIpo mods.
***I was relatively new to vaping and a newbie at youtube here. There are some errors in this video, Efests are NOT good batteries, they are rewraps of other brands with bullshit lying ratings. Don’t trust them for anything over 10Amp draw. Also resistance goes UP when the coil heats, not down*** the message here is correct though.
If you’re using unregulated devices for vaping, please do the math before you vape it. You could be asking for more trouble than you realize. www.rapidtables.com has a good calculator for Ohms, Watts, Amps, Volts. Enter any two values and it calculates for the missing two. So you can now know your (theoretical) build and what it’s doing. At the time I made this video there were alot of conversations about this topic in local vape shops. I was disturbed at the lack of knowledge I heard around local vape shops by some fairly seasoned vapers. I don’t like to embarrass people in public so I just rant about these things on Youtube.
What’s funny is that now, a year later, I no longer even use any of these mods on the table. Going down the line: The two copper mechs are retired, I have nicer mods since then: Rig V1, Abel, Subzero are my go to mech mods. The Istick 30watt and Subtank mini I gave to a smoker, the Sigelei 150w I gave to a subscriber in a giveaway, the IPV3 150w I still have but never use it because I have other devices with easier battery doors. Somebody stole my Smoke Stack Modz series unregulated box (Big Red). My Variant Clone chip malfunctioned and now only drains one cell of the two in the Lipo pack, after destroying two Lipo batteries I no longer use that. My SMY 260Watt mod is still around but no longer in use because Wismec Reuleux RX200 and DNA200 smaller and provide plenty of power. So it’s funny how the evolution of vaping in even 1 year made many of these devices obsolete. I still love watching this video, my newbie days of vaping and youtube.
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