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vape tricks Great for Beginners 2017

By June 10, 2017Vape Tricks Tutorial

vape tricks Great for Beginners 2017
vaping trick smoke nation compilation
This is a pretty standard trick, but in case you don’t know how to do it, here’s a brief tutorial: Take a big puff of your eCig. When you have a mouthful of vapor, lay your tongue flat, and position it towards the back of your mouth, you won’t be needing it here. Position your lips as if you’re about to say “ooh”, then slowly let the smoke out! You’re on your way.

To control how fast the Os come out and how long they last, push your jaw out and up a little bit as the smoke exits your mouth. Play around in the mirror to master it. You can also add some “backspin” by slowly pushing your tongue to the front of your mouth, behind your teeth as the smoke exits. Push the middle of your tongue up and watch the Os take majestic shape!

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