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Magic Flight Launch Box, Portable Vaporizer, Pax Vaporizer

By October 24, 2016Vape Tools
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FlashVAPE™ is a new generation of portable electric vaporizer that is designed and made in Canada. Like the Pax vaporizer and the Magic Flight Launch Box, the Flashvape (FV) is a portable vaporizer that is battery powered.

It’s ON-DEMAND vaporization process, which gives the user fast vapor delivery anytime, anywhere, at the push of a button. There is no warm up time required, and vapor is delivered within 5 seconds of power-on. This makes it one of the fastest portable vaporizer on the market, whether butane or electric. This is powered by a safe Li-ion 18650 power cell, which gives ample power to vaporizer not only organic herbal blends, but also solid and liquid concentrates (an adapter kit is available for oil concentrates). Furthermore, it has a unique STAGE-2 kit available which turns this already powerful vaporizer into a 100% convection vape, giving users even more power to pull bigger vapor clouds!

This is a solidly built unit, featuring a tough anodized aluminum alloy shell and a hugeceramic bowl that measures almost 1″ (2.5cm) diagonally. The class leading bowl size and performance of this vape certainly makes it one of the best choices amongst portable vaporizers. Another thing worth mentioning about this is it’s unique user serviceability factor. This can be easily disassembled by the user, using simple hand tools, in the comfort of their own home. Important things such as the stainless steel heating element screen, the power switch, even the internal wiring harness, can be easily replaced by the user should any maintenance be required.

Here is alist of physical features of this sleek and beautiful vape from the top down:

* Removable See-Thru Vape Window™ lets you see the vapor forming!
* Easy to clean tempered glass lens
* Fine SS mesh filter to keep the vapor pure and clean
* Unique swivel cap design allows for easy removal for reload and comfortable left or right hand use
* Double seal design keeps the swivel cap on firmly
* Glass draw tube for a clean and pure taste
* Direct-flow™ side air intakes ensures 100% clean air path, the air you breathe in goes directly into the ceramic vape core, and does not pass through any other compartments (ie. battery, switches, wiring, etc)
* 100% Ceramic Dura-core™ is the heart of this vape. It is made to last, completely clean, and is heated by a 100% stainless steel element with replaceable top screen. The large bowl measures 1″ or 2.5cm diagonally and can hold an ample amount for each vape session
* Power-on indicator lets you know when the unit is in operation
* Polished Stainless Steel push button power-on switch
* All heavy-duty solid copper wiring
* Sealed battery compartment
* Comes with specialized, high capacity 18650 Li-ion (LiFePo4) batteries for extended use (up to 1 hour use on each charge)
* Main on-off power switch in the base

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