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A Brief Timeline of Vaporizer Development

By October 3, 2016Vape Tools
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With today’s modern technology, vaporizer development has come a long way. For many centuries, cultures around the world have taken advantage of the benefits of herbal remedies and the use of vapor inhalation in herbal medicine. The concept remains the same in that a substance is transformed from an herbal or plant material into a breathable vapor. Only the form that the process has taken on over the years has changed.

The sweat lodge is considered by many to be the first form of the vaporizer; a vaporizer that you actually sat inside of. A sweat lodge, or medicine lodge in many Native American cultures is used in a number of rituals to cleanse the body and the soul. Used as a ceremonial sauna, in a sweat lodge, stones are heated over an open fire and water is poured over the stones to create steam or vapor. Natural plant materials containing healing elements are added to the mix to create a concentration of vapor that is inhaled by the participants. If this sounds familiar, it is because today’s modern vaporizers are based on the same principles. A vaporizer is used in herbal medicine and herbal therapy in conjunction with natural herbs and plant materials to treat many forms of sickness and disease. In herbal medicine, herbal remedies are used to cleanse the body and the mind of many forms of toxins and to allow the body to expel and kill viruses and bacteria.

With the development of technological advancements, devices were manufactured for use in the home using the sweat lodge and herbal remedy concepts. The first electronic vaporizers were placed in the home and added a vaporized substance and steam to a room. The device was simple in that there were no additional accessories or parts and the one option was to disperse vapor into the surrounding room air. Using Vick’s Vapor Rub in these vaporizers was the most common and practical use of the machine to treat symptoms of cold, flu and allergies.

Nowadays, the vaporizer is an intricate device with a plethora of options, tools and accessories for personal use. The vaporizers of today can be used for direct inhalation of a number of substances for a variety of uses. We have digital vaporizers with precise temperature control. Vaporizers are small and portable and the more compact vaporizers are discreet enough to carry in your pocket. Vaporizers are used in today’s modern world in the disciplines of massage therapy and chiropractic and many medical physicians are jumping on the bandwagon of vaporizer technology. Though the concept is the same, the tools we have now on the vaporizer market are phenomenal.